July 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection

What a month it has been for the Metropolitan Police service! First they raid a house in Forest Gate, East London, to break up a terror cell and one of the so called terrorists gets shot - lots of compensation for him no doubt on its way. Commissioner Sir Ian Blair makes so many blunders its embarrassing, and then Paddock, the pink cop, now a Deputy assistant commissioner, bleats that he has been left out of the Queens Birthday Honours list.

Excuse me you bleating bosses but what about the officers on the ground now competing with the PCSO's for their jobs? Men and women doing their eight or twelve hour shifts, rushing home for a quick change over to another shift and having the public throw beer and be sick over them on Friday night pub throwing out time!

I don't know about you but I am sick of hearing about the wives and girlfriends of the English football team. Have I missed something or are they just a bunch of walking clothes horses who have gone out to Germany to show us up with their partying and bad language. By all means tell us about the footballers, but I am sick of five pages a day in the press of what the WAGS are wearing. They do nothing to make the world a better place! They sit on their fat/skinny arses all day being pampered to death. Shut up about them until one of them does something useful like start a charity for children or even better - gets a real job.

I back Sarah's law to the limit! We need to know where pedophiles are living in our community. We need to be aware of their presence near our schools. Megan's law works well in the USA and vigilante groups have not formed and gone around terrorising the pedophiles, and I am sure if you inform the public here they wont terrorise them either, they will just protect their children from these evil monsters.

I have been filming all month for the new channel five show which will be shown in July, I have had a great time tracking down a conman and a sad time listening to the stories of the women whose lives he has wrecked, please tune in when you see it advertised it really is a one up for the good guys. Oh and ladies, you will enjoy watching the surveillance team guys that work for me, nice bums every one of them. If you want someone investigated for the show email me.

Until next month stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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Available at www.luckypress.com & www.amazon.com
Price US $14.95

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