July 2006


I'm delighted to welcome VALERIE AUSTIN, who joined the magazine last month as our MODERN NUTRITION & HEALTHY LIVING editor. Many of you have written to say how much you enjoyed her first column so I know you will be pleased to read her latest, which features organic and healthy food reviews and how to address modern day allergies.

Another change is that our Food & Wine editor LADY JOAN OLIPHANT – FRASER has re-named her column and is now writing exclusively about Travel, Hotel & Restaurants. Expect some super news, gossip and reviews from this renowned expert.

This month HOT GOSSIP readers have the opportunity to collect a super FREE gift valued at £48.00 from MARY KAY cosmetics. Check out Sally's Celebrity Fashion, Fitness & Beauty page for details. All you have to do is reply to the e-mail and you could be one of the first 50 people to qualify.

And this month my SPOTLIGHT section (below) features reviews and news on all that is LUXURY at affordable prices! And don't we all love a bit of that! So before you travel further, read about the latest and greatest in luxuries that you CAN afford....why don't you!

And checkout my Editor's book choice....

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MONOCHROME BODY AND SOUL held a book signing party for Sally my fabulous dep ed last month which was organized by trendsetter and former actress EVA LEWIS, who launched MONOCHROME SPA last year. This is one fantastic spa! It has two floors offering professional massages, beauty treatments – guys can even get a close shave here – manicures –pedicures –facials – make-overs ...and so on ....Forget going anywhere else – there is nowhere else that is so delightfully chic and has such experts taking care of you! MONOCHRONE, 38-39 Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London. Tel 020 7259 9259

Georgina Bruni, Maryse-Antionette Comtesse-de-Goutiere & Marianne Smith of Mary Kay Cosmetics

I don't need any excuses to be pampered, and I admit to loving anything that spells 'LUXURY' so I am enjoying writing about this particular subject – and I am happy to share my favourite spoils with you dear readers!

Get that luxury home!

Thinking of a house purchase or decorating this summer? Yes, I believe there's a little bit of 'interior designer' in all of us – well most anyway! You've seen those TV interior design shows with their fancy computer technology where they show luxury room layouts which look fascinating but far too techno to understand. Not true! I have the new showhome3D Interior Design software from FastTrak Software Publishing and it is fabulous! I'm hooked! It's easy, friendly and what's more – jargon free! This is so incredible it could easily turn me into an Interior Designer. I am already visualising my luxury pad by playing with this 3D software, which shows you in minutes how your rooms can look. Then experiment with lighting, open and close doors, windows, cupboards etc. There are thousands of 3D objects, textures and colours to play with you will love this! And what a perfect wedding gift – a perfect gift for anybody who is thinking of decorating or designing their home. But then you wouldn't want to part with it – would you! Enjoy a bit of luxury planning.

Showhome3D Interior Design available to buy on-line at www.fasttrak.co.ukfor only £29.99


Get that luxury face!

Over the years I have spent a small fortune on cosmetics, more than I ever dared to admit to, and I know I'm not alone. I was in fact a sucker for designer cosmetics because my mother always told me that you get what you pay for! LUXURY costs! Well mum, not quite true, there are some amazing products out there and one of the companies producing an inexpensive designer style range is ACTIVE COSMETICS. I have practically the whole range and I love them!

Last year I searched everywhere for a good foundation, paying expensive designer prices, but to no avail. You know what I mean, those that don't last or if they do they have that awful pan-stick look to them! But I have now discovered, much to my joy and delight, SHEER SILK, a long lasting all day coverage by ACTIVE COSMETICS, who also do a super SHEER FINISH Perfect Blush. Add to that their amazing luscious lipsticks and eye make-up and you are in the clouds of luxury. I adore their liquid eye make-up and Mascara too, and I won't leave home without their concealer and highlighter (every gal should have one). But what makes these products just that bit more special is the packaging! Everything is in beautiful glossy black containers! Now that's luxury! And all their cosmetics cost under £5 each! Now I don't feel so guilty about loving luxury!

Active Cosmetics are stocked in all good pharmacies and beauty outlets including Savers Health & Beauty Ltd.

Get that luxury break!

A message from one of our faithful readers in Sunny Spain.....Enjoy bed & breakfast at our fabulous villa in Coin, near Marbella. We have four double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and terraces where you can sit and read or have breakfast. We have a beautiful garden and pool. We are 25 minutes from Malaga Airport and 20 minutes from Puerto Banus should you want a late night out! There is a golf course and horse riding 10 minutes away. We can arrange to have you collected from the airport or you might prefer a hired car. We are looking forward to making sure you have a great holiday. Luxury breaks at very reasonable prices. Weekend stays or full holidays welcome. Contact Gail [email protected]

And if you are going off on a trip don't forget to pack your SILKYMIT'S to make sure your legs and bikini line are looking good! SILKYMIT do a bikini line hair remover and one for smooth hair free legs. They are unique mitts that require no waxing, creaming or shaving, so are perfect little luxuries for travelling. Try your local drug store or chemist or for list of stockists contact [email protected]
And don't forget to pick up your Nivana Spa Weekend Bag Ideal for your summer break, the Nirvana Spa Weekend Bag will fit perfectly in your suitcase, and even comes in its own re-usable Nirvana Spa toiletries bag. The travel set includes Mini Flower Bath, Mini Body Lotion and Mini Body Cleanser. The Nirvana Spa Weekend Bag is available exclusively from www.nirvanaspa.co.uk at £6.95


I've only had time for one review this month due to being away –but do watch out for next month's crème de la crème....

THE DESIGN MIX – Bars, Cocktails & Style by HOWARD WATSON
I love this book! It's the sort of glossy publication that inspires one so! The only negative comment I have is that it should, in my humble opinion, have been a large coffee table style book because it's such a gem. It has that air about it that screams of being a hardback larger than life kind of a book, when in fact it is quite small and its back isn't hard at all. But its pages are full of the most amazing images depicting the world's best bars (and don't we just love them) and all kinds of info on cocktails – and of course the bars – and the glamorous and interesting people who frequent these bars...and on it goes. It makes you want to start a pilgrimage – travelling the world to sample these amazing delights! From Tokyo to London, Milan to Miami...and some...glorious designer bars everywhere. But it's not just all glorious images, this book as soul in text too. The author (I should meet him) has diligently researched and written not only historical facts about these bars but also appears to have a love affair with the buildings and the design, explaining to the reader the design layouts and so much more you simply want to be there! And let's not forget the coolest cocktails by JAMIE WALKER. Don't leave Amazon without it!

THE DESIGN MIX – Bars, Cocktails & Style by HOWARD WATSON published in July 2006 by JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD at £14.99 www.wiley.com Available on www.amazon.co.uk


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