July 2006

Well it's that time of year, when everyone will be dusting down the suitcase ready fro the annual holiday! Most of you no doubt will be heading fro the hedonistic shores of Ibiza and Majorca, whilst others may well be going for a relaxing holiday. Either way, I hope you have a fantastic time.

Hopefully, that is, if you are going on a clubbing holiday, you discover some fantastic new dance tracks.

If there are any you hear and think are fantastic, let me know and I will give them a mention. Also look out for new releases by Tiff Lacey and Lara McAllen both teaming up with major producer/DJ's.


A word of warning on two fronts, firstly if you receive e-mails proclaiming that they are from either eBay or Paypal asking you to up date your account ignore them, they are from con merchants!

Secondly, check your account details regularly, and change your password regularly as well, make certain that you have some numbers in the password, they are harder to crack! I recently had both my eBay and paypal accounts hacked into. I rang Paypal asking them to help re-set my account, they said that they would require not only my credit card details but also my bank account details and a copy of my passport! I said that was ridiculous as if you wanted to set up a brand new account on paypal all you have to do is give your name and address and your credit card details! Which means that you could give the details of someone you know and use their card without any checks whatsoever! I did tell them to check my column this month as proof of identity! Lol!

July 6th 2006 Dingwalls, Camden Town

Take a great music biz team, an established string of venues, a huge data base and some of the most exciting new acts around and you get one great new concept....the Jongleurs Music Lock Out.

Presented by the Blujay management team and Jongleurs, one of the world's most successful entertainment and comedy brands, the Lock Out will eventually take place every month at Dingwalls, Camden Town. The legendary music venue will play host to some of the best new talent around and be a regular showcase for quality song-writers and up-and-coming artists. The first event takes place on July 6th and entry will be free!!!

This is the first time that a partnership of this kind has existed. The direct teaming of such a large established comedy/entertainment organisation such as Jongleurs, with a small creative management company such as Blujay, is a completely new combination. Not only can their joint strengths open doors to a whole range of future ventures but also, with the creation of the Jongleurs Music Lock Out, they are providing a fantastic new outlet for both artists and public alike.

The artists selected by Blujay and Jongleurs will have exposure of an unparalleled kind.

Access to a database of over half a million Jongleurs' members, exposure on their website with traffic of over 100,000 hits a month, and the potential to tour nationally utilising the Jongleurs' 14 high quality venues is just part of the attraction. Add the Blujay expertise across management, publishing and recording and you have a new opportunity for emerging talent that has hitherto not existed.

Maria Kempinska and John Davy are the prime movers and shakers for Jongleurs. Maria founded the Jongleurs Comedy Clubs in the early eighties which launched the careers of many famous comedians including Harry Enfield, Jack Dee and Paul Merton. A pioneer of the comedy club circuit and successful business woman, Maria was recently voted Entrepreneur of the Month by Real Business magazine. She is currently working on a variety of projects including content provision for 3G phones and therapy through comedy.

John Davy, co-owner of the Jongleurs clubs, has managed the expansion of them into an eventual chain and orchestrated their sale to Regent Inns while retaining the brand. He also owns Mentor Inns, Pub Sales Group, Kernow Inns and Bespoke Gourmet Bars. He is currently Chairman of Jongleurs Comedy Ltd and one of the main instigators of the Jongleurs Music Lock Out.

Blujay's core team comprise Steve Tannett, Carly Martin and Lionel Martin. Steve was MD of the Copeland Group for many years and acted as Miles Copeland's right hand man in label, publishing and management. Primarily developing his career through A&R, he has worked closely with artists such as Sting, REM, Belinda Carlisle, Squeeze, and Duran Duran while, as label head of IRS Records and latterly ARK21 Records, he also handled alliances with MCA, EMI and Universal from both UK and International perspectives.

Carly Martin has previously spent four years working in management (Gabrielle, Aswad, Rozalla). One of the founding partners of Blujay she is responsible for the day to day handling of their current roster which includes the sensational Beulah and hotly tipped Mama's Gun.

Lionel Martin founded leading accountancy firm Martin Greene Ravden in 1980 advising on all areas of business and taxation for artists and corporates in the music and theatre industries. Clients have included Tears For Fears, the Sex Pistols, G4, The Thomson Twins, Emmanuel Petit and Thierry Henry among many others.

Lionel has also written several TV commercials and songs for various well known artists as well as writing and producing music himself. He comments "Real quality talent combined with expert business management equals true success in my opinion and my representation has, I believe, been made stronger by having previously been on the opposite side of the desk."

Steve Tannett adds "We all have a passion for music and building careers. The alliance with Jongleurs is tremendously exciting and we feel we are perfectly positioned to offer fresh new artists a helping hand and guidance in all areas of their future career, not only as a strong management team but also with massive live exposure This is a new, hands-on, venture to keep real music alive, kicking and where it belongs - very definitely out there."

As far as I am concerned this can only be good for the business, as a "real" baptism of fire for artistes, rather than through the medium of TV, where often or not they have a hit single or two an then vanish!

Check out the website. www.lockoutmusic.com

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