May 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

The war may be over but the fighting goes on, several coalition soldiers are being killed every week and civilian bodyguards and security personnel are being killed as well.

I have friends in Iraq, former Delta force and SAS guys who are now being paid a lot of money to protect various people and places, they tell me the civilian security people being killed should not even be in Iraq.  Apparently there are approx thirty two different security company's sending people to the war torn country, many of these guys are not trained properly and have never been in a war situation.  An ex delta buddy told me this is not bodyguarding as you know it Jacquie, this is protection in battle conditions. He is horrified at the security guys that are turning up having been signed on in either the UK or USA, lured by the great pay, who only the week before were standing on a night club door as a bouncer.

I have been champing at the bit to get out and work but due to contracts with agents and publishers I cannot go, although I may have talked a production company into taking me to show what is happening with these untrained guys who are dying for profit.

I also heard that Iraqi women who are against the Americans and Brits being there have decided to sign up with the bandits and act as suicide bombers. Well ladies if you want to play the martyr that is fine but do not scream and cry if a woman like me shoots you in the meantime.  I am tired of hearing how many women are being killed and innocent victims are dying, a lot of these are not innocent and are in fact the enemy. Live by the sword, die by a bullet.

I m sick of hearing about David Beckham and his many lovers, who cares really if he shagged his way around Madrid, after the terrible Al queda bombing and all those innocent people being killed in the same city by the train bombs should we not be concerning ourselves with safety rather than the sad marriage of the self proclaimed A list couple.

Please report all and any packages, suitcases, backpacks or carrier bags that have been left unattended either on a train, bus or in an office building or cafe, stay safe be aware.

Tis the month of May and I shall be attending Law Enforcement memorial week in Washington DC to honour the Police officers that have given their lives in the line of duty.  I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones, hopefully this year we can raise even more money for UK COPS (care of police survivors)

and keep the good work of the charity going.

Until next month
Stay Safe
Jacquieline Davis

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