May 2004

The glamorous Sex and the City girls, see below for story on CHRIS NOTH. This and other great photos and all you need to know about the series can be viewed on a great website run by LESLIE, check it out!

What a month this has been! My friend SALLY (our deputy Ed) sadly lost her father then a few days later my dad was rushed into hospital seriously ill. It’s a real wake-up call I can tell you. One minute life seems OK, the next minute you are told that your dad may die during an operation. But being a stubborn ex military Yorkshire man he pulled through OK, and is on the way to recovery.  So folks, please take care of your parents because they are very precious. My dad never complains and we were unaware that he was suffering so much until this happened!

I was jealous as hell to learn that SALLY had recently met MR BIG (read all about it on her Celebrity Fashion Page). I only became interested in SEX AND THE CITY when our social Ed REGINA kept on about it, by then it was almost over. But they are now showing repeats on Wednesday nights. Anyway, MR BIG (CHRIS NOTH) is gorgeous, your typical Italian American, and I do like Italians J. So lucky you SAL!

We’re all very bored reading about the Beckham’s (see JAQUIELINE’S CRIME SECTION) and I agree there’s far more important things to think about. I’m surprised the press pay so much attention - and money - for stories about DAVID BECKHAM’S sex life. Even more surprising is that one of the women he dallied with has suddenly become a C List Celebrity and is outrageously flaunting her new found fame. Well, the BECKAM’S were risking it, they more than anybody should know that if you flirt with the press they will build you up - and knock you down just as easily. And many a celebrity has regretted that, even PRINCESS DI. Unless you’re squeaky clean don’t look for celebrity status!

My little niece HOLLY has just got a part in the next HARRY POTTER film which starts filming in June. We are all very proud of her, how many thousands of kids would want that chance! But HOLLY deserves it, along with her sister JENNA, she has won countless awards, cups and medals for dancing and stage work. On visiting my sister recently I was amazed to see wall to wall displays of their achievements, understandable considering they were dancing before they could walk! OK, a mild exaggeration, but truly they were taking dancing lessons from 2 years of age, and their mother was also a brilliant ballet dancer. JENNA has just been accepted for one of the country’s best academy’s. One day they could be the next Catherine Zeta Jones, but I hope they have better taste in men.

I have a major moan this month with the postal service, especially PARCEL FORCE. If you receive a package and are not there to collect it you will have to spend days – weeks – trying to obtain it. Their telephone is constantly engaged and they take about a week to respond to e-mails and even then it doesn’t answer your query to Customer Relations, just a standard reply. Nightmare after nightmare! I read a note on the wall of the post office recently which if it hadn’t been true, would have been funny. It was placed there by one of the staff. It basically refers to mail being delivered to wrong addresses, parcels being left outside the door and consequently stolen. It seems post office staff, especially the old hands who have been with the service for years – are not very happy. “It’s no longer a service, it’s all about money,” said one of the employees. It appears that our former Royal Mail (part of the British Establishment) is now employing foreigners who can’t even speak English. Apparently this is why the mail sorting office is in such a bad state and delivery’s are going everywhere but where they are supposed to, and there’s the question of ‘missing mail’ too. Instead of writing about the Beckham’s maybe our national press should be sending under cover journos into the postal service to see what’s really going on! Now that would be interesting news!


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