March 2004

Hello guys, can you believe it’s March already? Time goes by so quickly! My mother always said that time drags up until the age of twenty one and then it just flies by!

MIDEM was very interesting; the numbers of delegates was down by at least 25%, which shows the state of the Music Business. It is in the worst state I have seen in 20 years.

Whilst you hear the record companies blaming that downloading from the Net has seriously damaged their sales, whilst I accept that downloading has had some effect, I don’t believe it has had the effect they make us believe!

I think that they just don’t understand what the public want and waste so much money on Artistes that have not been tested in the market, which is a strange way of doing things to say the least! 

If a confectionery company are launching a new sweet, they test it in the market place before they spend thousands marketing it! Music is no different from any product!


Tony Hedley at TRIAD tells me that Susan Dee has a new single out called STAY, last year she had a Top 40 hit will “Show Me Heaven, which launched her as a vocalist with a bang. It’s hard to follow up such a corker of a track but I think she has certainly got a hit record with STAY.

Her luscious vocals come through with a vengeance as if to grab you by the lapels and sit you down and commanding your full attention for the duration of the song.

Tony has come up with a first by allowing you to listen to the song before you buy it!

I have to say, it is a risky business letting people hear your song before they buy, although it shows the confidence that he and TRIAD have in the song.

Also you can earn money by sharing the file after you have paid for it by passing the link on, this is a new innovation on the net with music, I hope it works as it could be the way forward fro the future of music on the net.

Here is the link and TRIADS blurb:

Download the new Suzanna Dee single – FREE !

Triad Records offer "Try Before You Buy" on all new releases !

You can play our files three times for free on any PC.  After three free plays, you're asked to pay for the file. You can use any current Windows Media-compatible player software to play the file.

If you decide to purchase a file, you're free to play it all you want on up to three PCs. You can also burn the files you buy to CD and play them on your stereo, or transfer them to portable devices.

Best of all, you can share our files with anyone you like, as long as the files remain in their original form as Windows Media files.

If someone you share a file with purchases that file, you'll earn a payment for helping to distribute it. You get 20%, the person who shared the file with you gets 10%, and the person who shared the file with that person gets 5% of the sale price.


I have to hand to Max Bloom at Concept Music, he is really getting behind PHIXX, let’s hope he does break the band as they are great singers, and they do have an extremely loyal fan club as I found out to my cost when I mad some criticism a couple of months ago J


Embattled pop star Michael Jackson is set to launch an official news web site for the public and the media,  The site, calling itself the "official source for Michael Jackson news and information," is set to launch on March 1st. comes in response to a flurry of media speculation ranging from criminal charges of child abuse, Jackson's finances, to his alleged involvement with the Nation of Islam.

A joint venture between Tru Def, MJJ Productions, and ROPA Promotions will feature exclusive interviews and releases from Jackson's family, legal team, and exclusive footage of Jackson himself. Through additional resources such as a Press Room, staff bios, and official court filings, will offer the latest official news on Jackson's ongoing criminal case.  All content on the site is to be pre-approved by Jackson's legal team to ensure compliance with the gag order issued by Santa Maria Judge Rodney S. Melville.

The site is being designed by ROPA Promotions, a promotions and web design agency catering to the entertainment and media industries. Co-founder Ron Sweet says "ROPA's Design Team is thrilled to lend our talents to and Mr. Jackson's creative genius."  Sweet's partner, Patricia Brown says, "ROPA Promotions is proud to be a part of this wonderful project, and we are honoured that we were chosen to create this site for Mr. Jackson."   The video content is driven by Tru Def, which provides a state of the art video compression technology.

Jackson's newly hired publicist Raymone K. Bain, says that Jackson is "tired of the circus-like atmosphere surrounding him".  Bain, who also handles public relations for Serena Williams and Boyz II Men, promises that will serve as a platform for Jackson to be both "proactive and reactive" in responding to the constant media frenzy and speculation.

On Friday, Judge Melville ruled to keep the search warrants related to this case sealed, but agreed to release edited variations as early as this week.  The preliminary hearing for the case was delayed and is expected to be set on the next court date of April 2nd.  The trial is expected to begin in December. The irony is that he will probably get more publicity from this case than he would normally for the release of a single or Album. Remember the OJ Simpson case?

Well that’s that’s the lot this month, sorry it’s so short, keep the e-mails coming in [email protected]

And don’t for get to check out the following sites :

For the budding artiste and songwriter

Also don’t forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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