May 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection


Do you believe you may have been conned, tricked or taken for a ride? Do you suspect you could be the victim of a fraud, a bigamist or a stalker? CHANNEL FIVE is making a new investigative show where we set out to solve the unresolved and bring in the guilty. If you have a story that you want us to investigate on television, please contact:
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Security Industry Authority

Once again the SIA have made a blunder, set up last year to licence the security industry they are so far behind with issuing licences it is now costing the operatives money. Last week I was supposed to be on a Close protection job but the SIA stepped in at the last minute and said any one who did not have their licence in their hand would be arrested and or fined.

I applied for my CP licence in September, they sent me a unique reference number but so far no licence, I have telephoned, always getting an anserphone, and emailed several times to which I have had one reply, which was a standard, "Your enquiry is being passed on to the relevant person." Several colleagues are in the same boat, all having applied months ago for a licence but not receiving one. According to the SIA website they have only issued 90 CP licences, despite several thousand people applying. This is now causing CP personal to suffer from loss of earnings - and is not good enough. Tory shadow minister Patrick Mercer says it beggars belief.


Last month I wrote about the joys and perils of On Line Bingo and was inundated with emails from readers complaining about the way the game is played and money being taken from their accounts for games that have not been played. Trying to get a response from the hosts, i.e. Virgin and Gala, is impossible. I had an on-line conversation with a chat Monitor the other day who blamed it on AOL: when other people jumped in saying they were on other servers the chat monitor went quiet and left the room. Be Warned.

I am off to Washington DC this month for Law Enforcement Memorial Week, the annual get together to remember Police Officers from around the world who have been killed in the line of duty, I have made many friends there over the years and look forward to seeing them again. This year I am taking my eight year old Godson who is looking forward to the Law ride. This event is where hundreds of cops ride into town in procession on their motorbikes, a sight to be seen and earplugs to be worn.

If you want a good read then go get 'Highway to Hell' by Ex SAS soldier John Geddes; he now works in Iraq as a Bodyguard, his descriptions of the country and the situation is excellent, he even talks about the 'Baghdad Babes' the name given to the few female bodyguards that are working out there.

Until Next Month
Stay safe
Jacquieline Davis

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