March 2008
  Crime, Safety & Protection


Last month I attended the funeral of our esteemed Editor in Chief Georgina, or Georgie as I called her. It was a sad affair as she is missed by so many. As I told you last month, Georgina not only edited my HG column for several years but was also my Public Relations person. Because of her great work I appeared on many TV Shows and in magazines. She was also a friend and we would spend hours talking on the phone putting the world to rights.
I can honestly say I will miss her.


As I write this in late February seventeen teenagers have committed suicide over the past two years in a Welsh town. The police say they can find nothing thatreally links them all together. Some of them belonged to online chat rooms like Face Book and Bebo, others were related. One grieving mother today blames the media for highlighting the suicides and making the teenagers think there really is a link.
I have not seen the evidence but I think the Police should take another look at all the cases, just to make sure there is not something or someone prematurely helping these kids on their way to the other side.


Having just spent the last few weeks in L.A. I was horrified to see Ms Spears leave a psychiatric unit and drive around Hollywood with a pack of paparazzi following her. She had no security and no driver. I spoke to NICK STERN, a well known British paparazzo who moved to the USA about a year ago to work for an agency. He told me he had quit the agency rather than follow Britney around anymore - he said it was too dangerous and he went to bed at night asking himself "is this the night that she dies?" because the paparazzi were chasing her around in a car.
Horrifying thought but having seen the media circus surrounding her I have to agree with Nick - he has honestly done the right thing. The photographers jump red lights, drive like maniacs and call out to Britney as she whizzes down the freeway and around Sunset Boulevard. Well done Mr Stern for taking a stance and putting a life before money.


The shocking thing I found whilst in the USA was the amount of teenagers who went on school shooting rampages - five separate incidents took place whilst I was there. What are these kids watching and reading that makes them wake up one morning and think "I know, I'll go to school today and shoot my teacher and classmates, then shoot myself?" We need to know what our teenagers are reading and looking at on the Internet and the TV. Parents, please talk to your kids - take five minutes a day to ask them how they are and if anything is bothering them. I've said it before and I'll say it again: teenagers have no right to privacy, so whilst they are out search their rooms and look on their computers. You may not like what you find but at least you will have knowledge of your child's life and maybe, just maybe, save someone's.

It is with sadness that I report on the death of an LAPD SWAT officer and the shooting of another. They attended a domestic dispute only to discover the perp had already shot three members of his family before opening up on the SWAT Team. My thoughts are with the officers' families.

Whilst in Hollywood it was Grammy Awards time. I sat in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire hotel (the Pretty Woman hotel) waiting for a friend when I was joined by three females who also sat down to wait for someone. We got chatting and started commenting on the well known people booking in at reception and the really really bad face lifts some of them had. Now I can see why they would want to look younger but some of these people went too far. One well known male country singer who is now about seventy years old had shaking hands, a bad wig and the worst face lift you have ever seen! How sad.

I picked up a couple of books at the airport to read. One of them by Shy Keenan tells her own story as the victim of pedophiles as a child. She went on to form the Phoenix Survivors' Group and I wish her well.

The other book was BLACKWATER, the story of the rise of the biggest security company in the world. It tells of how they have contracts from the US Government for security work in Iraq and they are considered 'the biggest private mercenary force in the world.' Not a term I would have used.

I have now also opened an office in Los Angeles which will offer the same security services as I offer here: Close Protection Surveillance and Investigations. If you're in the area, drop in for a coffee or if I can help in any way, let me know.

I am now back in the UK for a few weeks and work goes on.
Until next month,
Stay Safe.
Jacquieline Davis

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