March 2008
  Great Ideas

Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds discuss ideas. That's what this column is all about, sharing information about Great Ideas!

Technology means a better way of doing things.

I like to travel and enjoy flying. Most of the time the flights go very smoothly albeit a little turbulent at certain times of the year.
"Ladies and gentlemen the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign, please ensure that your chairs are in an upright position preparing for landing......"
is something that we have all heard many times before.

On June 16 last year coming into Bourges Airport on Wizz Air flight 52 I heard the landing gear lock into place. My stomach churned reacting to the reduction of speed of the aircraft.
Nothing unusual here and my thoughts were concentrated on my "to do list" in Bulgaria once I had cleared customs.
I glanced out the window to see us moving ever more closer to the ground.
The next instant the pilot pulled up on the controls and simultaneously back on the throttle increasing the speed, and then came the sharp bank to the left, screams, overhead compartments flying open and their contents dropping on the heads of bewildered passenger.
What was happening? Finally the voice over the intercom" very sorry about that ladies and gentlemen but it was of unavoidable, as there were birds directly in our flight path and for your safety I had to avoid them"

We landed safely 15 minutes later accompanied by applause from a large percentage of the passengers. We were all grateful for to our skillful pilot and very happy to be on the ground.

This was my introduction to Bird Strike! I've come to find that birds gathering on the runway is a major problem in airports around the world.
I'm also pleased to say that hundreds of them including Heathrow Airport and Gatwick keep their runways bird free thanks to a UK company called Scarecrow Bio Acoustic System based in East Sussex.
According to CEO Anthony Walker the company specializes in a unique high tech, and humane method of dispersing birds by using their birds own inbuilt messaging to perform psychological warfare against them and letting them know that they would be safe for somewhere else."
What a great idea! I asked Mr. Walker how did this idea come to you? He told me that his background was in the sound recording amplification and electronics. Over 25 years ago he was contacted by a supervisor at Gatwick Airport. He was told of a problem with birds on their runways and asked him if he could be of help.
Mr. Walker must be a true possibility thinker, thinking of ways this can be done rather than reasons why they can't be because his next step was to consult with an ornithologist where he learned that the best way to disburse birds was to make their area of occupancy appear 'hostile' to them.
Birds utilize their own messaging systems in these conditions, in a somewhat low-tech way best known as distress calls.
According to Mr Walker my experience in the sound recording, amplification and electronics seemed to offer a perfect marriage of technology with the birds instinctive behaviour and under the expert guidance ornithological specialists, Scarecrow was born to take these basic, but very precise, distress calls and use computer technology to control and distribute the correct species calls in the correct manner, at the correct times.
We have a very low-tech solution, distributed via a rather high tech system to bring bird control to areas where birds are a nuisance or danger. And it works; the rollout across Europe is equally impressive with systems operated extensively at many airports in the European Community, with growth spreading to the Far East, China and Australia.
The key to success in anything, is find a need and fill it. This is a great idea and one that I'm sure the director of Bourgis Airport will be happy to know about!

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Here's another Great idea "

A personality profiling system that is fast, fun, simple, and easily applied through which participants gain a greater understanding of themselves and others and increases "the likability factor."
This is important because" People do business with people that they like"

Every day people give you the keys to what makes them tick through their facial expressions, body movements, voice tones and words that they use.
After just one session each participant will learn how to create instant rapport and develop skills that will change his/her for the better.
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This past weekend I was in Bulgaria and had the pleasure of eating lunch at the Oasis restaurant in New Nessebar. The food was great and I recommend it but I was even more impressed with the responsible attitude of the owners. As you can see rather than just chopping trees down to make way for their restaurant they found a unique way of incorporating them into the design. I admire people who are so caring.
Pictured are my friends Richard Beale and his partner Charlotte,

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