August 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Have you sizzled through July and left your doors and windows open, I know I did but every time I went into the back garden I closed my front room windows! Why? Because Burglars love this time of year, they just pop in the open back door and grab your handbag and run or just put a hand through the open window and take your mobile phone or car keys. So be aware and stay safe.

I have also been feeding my cats ice cream to cool them down, poor little Delta and SAS are so hot in their fur coats they lap up the vanilla ice, UZI and Doris the elder two prefer an ice lolly, no pleasing all of them all of the time I suppose.

So who's been watching love island or the SAS Show as it's known in my house, that stands for Sophie Anderton Show. Have you ever seen or heard such a self centred stuck up her own backside delusional female as the ex coke-head model! I had to laugh when she bleated on about Russian girls coming over and only charging £500 a day. Yes Sophie but £500 for what?

Sorry seem to have my bitch head on this month, must be the heat or the constant waiting around for him at home to bugger off back to Iraq. Lovely having him home for a month but that's enough, love him dearly but not 24/7 365 days a year round my feet.

The season has well and truly kicked in, but there is a shortage of licensed bodyguards as the SIA still haven't got their heads round the licensing. I applied in September and am still waiting for my licence although they did send me a very nice letter last week telling me I could be fined £2000 or 6 months in prison if I work without a licence. Someone put a bullet up their backsides.

Yes, sorry it should have been on in July but will now be on the TV in August. Well worth waiting for. I'm now off to Los Angeles this month for more negotiations on a show over there, so wish me luck.

Until Next Month
Stay safe
Jacquie Davis

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