April 2010
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1. Thanks to the press exposing the Port of London's bullying tactics we may be able to save boats. Pauline Oliver, myself, liberal councilor Andrew Dakers, Actress Susan Penhaligan, Lorraine Hudson, Jill Townseand showing us standing up for our rights at a photo shoot. Vince Cable has even taken it to the House so watch this space.
2. With lovely ladies of Florida at party honoring Carol Connors.
Carol Connors, Juliette President of Unicorn children's charity, myself, and Merry Lynn-Ross,
3. A young husband in Miami that wants the world to know he is no longer available - see the tee-shirt
4. Fabulous view of skyline from where I stay with friends while in Miami
5. Nice to see in recession - crowds at an art show in Florid
6. The famous boat parade looking through the palm trees on our balcony in Florida.

I am now back in Florida after a brief visit to London. Here it has been a complete weather change this winter to what we have been used to for the last eight years. Normally it is six months of non-stop sun and fun, experiencing the wonderful sunny days and balmy nights Florida is famous for, wearing t-shirts in the evening at Christmas and through the winter with temperatures usually in the mid 70's -80's, but not this year.

We have had only two really hot weeks since December and the heating on more than not. I blame cutting down the rain forests but perhaps it is just a world weather change that happens every 30 years or so. I have to say it has made me realize how extraordinary London is where, whatever the weather, there is plenty to do and you are not dependent on outdoor restaurants and wine bars.

The party scene here has really quietened down with money no longer flowing; even the wealthy are watching their dollars. But the incredible views of this US-type Venice are outstanding and everywhere still looks so clean and wealthy. So let's look at some of the fun parties. Carol Conner had several parties in her honour when she flew in from LA having just being interviewed by no other than Victoria Beckham see it live on the link (www.youtube.com), The

Academy Award winning songwriter of Rocky fame had her first hit in the 60's "To know, him is to love him" and she had a serious relationship with Elvis. She has amazing energy and has written so many famous songs it made my head spin. Then there was her close friend Merry Lynn-Ross from the series General Hospital and executive producer of Class of 1984 fame who now has her own TV show and Flossy Keesey, who had the first husband and wife TV sales show, who is now in her 90's.

They are real troupers, glamorous, fun and full of energy. The one thing you can be sure of here in Florida is that the over 70's just carry on partying, dancing and laughing. Many are in their late nineties so it's true there is life after life.

Happy Birthday McDonalds
"Ants, mice and fly's are smarter than people"

This was one of the headlines to show the quality of food, or should I say chemicals, in the children's 'Happy Meals' from McDonalds. Nonna Joann decided to prove how fast food was bad for your health so she kept one of her children's happy meals for a year.

She wrote in her blog:

'Today, is day 7 (March 10th 2009). My Happy Meal still looks happy.

'The fries haven't changed a bit, although the French fry smell is faint. The hamburger itself looks like it did on day one.'

After nine months, the meal remained relatively unchanged: 'I wish I could say that my Happy Meal has changed in some way.

'But it looks pretty much the same nine months after I purchased it. The bread is crusty. That's all!'

Shockingly, a year on, the meal is still largely intact and shows no sign of decomposition.:

'My Happy Meal is one year old today and it looks pretty good.

'It NEVER smelled bad. The food did NOT decompose. It did NOT get moldy, at all,' Nonna wrote.

'This morning, I took it off my shelf to take a birthday photo. The first year is always a milestone.'

And while it takes a fresh tomato on average a week to rot, even the complimentary tomato ketchup didn't go off.

'I think ants, mice and flies are smarter than people, because they weren't fooled. They never touched the Happy Meal. Children shouldn't either,' wrote Nonna.

Research undertaken by the Independent revealed that burgers and drinks sold by the fast food chain are loaded with chemicals, including some known to cause behavioral problems.

In 2008, the newspaper found that the Big Mac has 18 separate additives and a cheeseburger 17 separate additives, while a chocolate milkshake has eight different chemicals.

Smoking Ban in Cars

Doctors have called for a ban on smoking in all vehicles after findings showed that passive smoking causes 22,000 cases of asthma and wheezing in children every year. Also, very worrying, 40 babies die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs) every year caused by passive smoking - one in five of all SIDs deaths.

Second hand smoke is attributed to more than 20,000 chest infections, 120,000 bouts of middle ear disease and 200 cases of meningitis in youngsters.

Cholesterol is not the villain of heart attacks!

75% of people who have heart attacks actually have NORMAL levels of cholesterol. So why has cholesterol been chosen the villain? In order to fuel a multi-billion pound anti-cholesterol industry of course

In fact, cholesterol is essential for good heart health! Statins, normally prescribed for high cholesterol, seriously deplete your body of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is the vital heart nutrient that naturally PREVENTS heart attacks and strokes by stopping inflammation in your arteries, lowering blood pressure and rejuvenating heart cells.

One in three people over the age of 45 in the UK currently take statins – that's a staggering 7 million people. So beware - the figures have changed and what was high cholesterol is now normal.

Tongue Terror
A Body Warning

Your tongue may be the door to your well-being, according to Jonathan Levine, DMD, author of Smile: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Beauty.
"In Eastern philosophy, they believe that the tongue offers a map to our organs," he said. "The tongue can tell you a lot about your overall health" Levine explains in early Chinese medicine the belief was that if the tongue is:
-- white with a cracked coating, you may have a digestive disorder.
-- grey or brownish grey you may have stomach or intestinal problems.
-- yellow or yellow green, you may have liver or gallbladder issues.
-- white with a reddish border, you may have a toxic colon.
-- coated with red spots, it could be an indicator of heart problems.
-- turning from white to yellow at the root you may have kidney problems.
-- white you may be releasing toxins.

I have to admit that my grandmother and mother swore by the tongue giving health information and it was the first thing they looked at if any of us was ill. Worth bringing back this simple body warning.

To Much Sugar Becomes a Poison

Sugary soft drinks drastically increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to a long term study of 60,000 people in Singapore.

A research team at the University of Minnesota monitored thousands of men and women participating for 14 years. At the end of the study, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, the team found that those who drank two or more soft drinks a week had an 87 percent higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

The strange thing was that people who drank fruit juice which could have as much sugar in as soda didn't have the same risk of cancer. It was believed that those who drank soda had poor health habits. They were more likely to smoke and eat red meat.

It seems that the insulin, which helps the body digest sugar, is made in the pancreas. Researchers suspect that sugary soda interferes with the body's insulin levels, which then contributes to cancerous cell growth in the pancreas.

Diabetes, another illness in which the body's insulin production is compromised, is a known risk factor for pancreatic cancer. The onset of diabetes later in life can also be an early symptom.

It is certainly something to take seriously, as of the 230,000 people who are diagnosed worldwide each year the American Cancer Society estimates that only 5 percent survive for five years. People seem to forget that you can also lose limbs with diabetes and a change of diet can be the answer to keeping your limbs.

The American Heart Association advises that women should consume fewer than 6.5 teaspoons of added sugar a day, and men should limit their consumption to 9.5 teaspoons.

Given that a single can of soda contains no less than 13 teaspoons of sugar, nutritionist's say that we are awash with sugar. And not just any sugar but high fructose corn syrup.

We eat and drink more sweeteners made from corn than from sugar cane or beets. It is also found in frozen food and baked goods, even ketchup doesn't escape.

Most nutritionists will say that the high consumption of high fructose corn syrup, used as an inexpensive sweetener, is a major contribution to the obesity crisis that has caused so many health problems and can slowly and painfully kill us.

Tip for the day:

Eat Healthily
Enjoy life.

How simple is that? If you are doing the top two then you have more chance of enjoying a longer life. My friend has really bad arthritis and she is eating all the foods that feed it. Other friends thought I was strange eating organic and healthy food and unfortunately most of them are very ill now and some have even died at early ages. Be careful - look after your body and let it look after you.

Eds Note: VALERIE AUSTIN is an author of six successful self-help books including SELF HYPNOSIS (Thorsons), journalist and trainer with an international reputation in the field of hypnosis. Her best-selling books and training help people achieve their full potential. She founded the Austin Corporate Stress Management Company focusing on reducing stress and anxiety amongst executives and CEO's. She is also founder of UKRAH (1992) The UK Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy. Valerie has also worked as a consultant in hypnosis at the Priory Hospital, the UK's equivalent to The Betty Ford Clinic, which specialises in food addiction and alcohol abuse. Her work in the film industry (Hollywood) interviewing movers and shakers, producing TV news segments and publishing celebrity magazines in London gave her invaluable experience for her current Harley Street practice.

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