April 2010
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I have been doing readings for approximately 25 years now. If you'd like to find out more about me, click on the tab to the right.

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Every month for approx 17 years, I have written a monthly 'blog' on the site: I always channel the content; my Spirit Guides tell me exactly what we are all meant to know for that month, to maximize efforts and avoid pitfalls.

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As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, HOPE is the cosmic theme for this year...for more information on this go to my website www.victoriabullis.com.

The concept of HOPE is very powerful – and happens to be related to another concept, that of trust ... in this new way of interpreting the idea of HOPE, you will be able to achieve much more of what you have been working on creating.

A new even better way of interpreting HOPE is that there is a new frequency to it. Built into this new frequency is more 'oomf' to getting what you have hoped for than was possible in the past.

Yet another way of saying this, is that HOPE – all of a sudden is now much more tied into achievement of goals.

Meditation To Grasp The New Concept Of HOPE

Most of our lives are directed by the energy of doing—known as yang in the Taoist tradition. To have a balanced life, we need to also cultivate its opposite, yin, which relates to the energy of "allowing." The purpose of this meditation is to better get out of one's own way – and to allow (ie be more willing to "receive") new information on how to work with HOPE.

BTW, yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, although yin or yang elements may manifest more strongly in different objects or at different times. If this makes any sort of sense ... ! Yin is often regarded as the 'feminine' and yang, the 'masculine'. Yin and yang energies are constantly interacting with each other.

For this meditation, sit in an upright position. Close your eyes. Make a declaration to yourself that during this meditative time that you will be increasing your innate understanding of this new concept of HOPE. For approximately 3-4 minutes be aware of your breathing. Feel the air moving in and out of your body. After focusing attention on the movement of air in and out of you during this time notice any thoughts or images that may be arising in your mind. Don't label or interpret them; acknowledge them as being what they are and let them easily go. Then, open your eyes. Be aware of the objects you can see around and in front of you. Just allow the forms of this moment to be as they are without labeling, judging, or interpreting.

Now begin to work with the new HOPE; keep breathing in and out rhythmically as you add components to the meditation: easily and simply try to see the word HOPE emblazoned in front of you in some way. You might see it as something ephemeral or, you may see it in vivid - even neon – colours. Just put your awareness on the word for a few moments – perhaps up to 30 seconds. Feel as receptive and placid as you possible can. Next, allow yourself to try to hear the word HOPE in your ear (whether or not you can actually hear this is irrelevant initially. Your Spirit Guides will be working with you hands-on to have you hear or sense, the word HOPE, at least eventually). What you are doing is beginning to reprogramme your belief about what HOPE now means – that it will enable you to finally achieve your highest destiny. This reprogramming has been subliminally built into this meditation ...

Then see if you can become aware of any symbols, signs, or musical notes; images such as numbers, a crystal, certain shapes (perhaps a circle or hexagon), an element such as fire or wood (etc) coming into your mind. You may even see an apparition similar to an angel or an animal; if you do see some shape or form, consider this to be a sort of anchor to work with, for greater understanding of this new, higher level of HOPE.

If you are able to conjure up some shape, form or apparition – practice seeing this in your mind's eye several times a day. You will literally find yourself manifesting much more, and more easily, of what you have been wanting to create.

When I used to live in San Francisco and Marin County I would go to Alice Waters' Chez Pannisse on a regular basis ... www.chezpanisse.com

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Sense – A Rosewood Spa

I went to Menlo Park (in Silicon Valley in Northern California) for a dinner at the end of February. I hadn't intended to stay overnight; however I got invited to a powerful breakfast the next morning, I booked a room where the dinner and breakfast meeting were being held, Rosewood Sand Hill. 'Rosewood' is a small chain of hotels that I had not heard of previously. I decided to fit in a spa treatment while I was there; the spa director, Melissa McMahon, recommended that I try a cutting-edge treatment: a scrub and massage – with oils containing 24 K gold! My body actually tingled as she was describing it.

I booked that treatment; my massage therapist, Senya, did a sugar scrub with fruit extracts, following it up with a massage, using a mix of shea body butter and oil infused with 24 K gold powder, from Arocca Skin Care. I could literally feel the gold transferring into my body – a sensation I have never felt before. I loved it and am definitely going to have this treatment again as often as I possibly can ... I am not just touting the spa, at all – I absolutely mean this. I felt gold inside my body for many days after the treatment. Throughout history gold has been considered an integral part of healing modalities, as well as used in royal beauty regimens all over the world.


At the time of this writing, I am awaiting a sample or the gold – infused shea body butter / oil to be sent to me. I will be definitely be mentioning more about this in the next issue.

BTW, the Rosewood Sand Hill is a 5 star hotel, and probably the best venue in the area for corporate retreats.

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Debbie Thomas at Daniel Hersheson – Complimentary Spa Giveaway

"I have never been one for gushing about the merits of a beauty treatment – especially not a facial. In fact, I vowed never to go for another after repeated bad (and 'badder') experiences which either did nothing for my skin or resulted in some nasty breakouts.

But that all changed last Saturday – enter Debbie Thomas!

I am thrilled with the results. My skin is looking better than it has in years. Even my friends have commented on how great my skin looks.

The treatment included a hot-stone massage, audio sonic stimulation and hydradermabrasion. Debbie customised the facial to suit my skin and target my problems. I was truly impressed by Debbie's caring manner and her wealth of knowledge of supplements and product ingredients. Debbie uses 'hero' products from a few different ranges; so if she suggests something for you it's because she believes in the product's worth.

I am sold – I will be going back to Debbie in a couple weeks time. If you haven't done so already – I suggest you call to make an appointment: 020 7201 8797."

Mia Biagio

Quote from Debbie re Mia:

"Mia was a delightful young woman. It was lovely to have her to work on for the two hour appointment; I am glad it was Mia that won."

Debbie is available for talks to groups such as networking groups or women's institutes.

Bookings 020 7201 8797

Mobile 07850 864111

Email: debbie@debbiethomas.co.uk

Debbie's fan page on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/yjar7kn

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The winner, Stephanie, had all the styles, colours and design enhancements available to her as shown in the November issue.

"The bag is beautiful. It's the perfect size for a clutch. I love the feel of the leather, it is so soft. The purple is darker than I had thought, but it's a great contrast to the bright yellow fabric interior (I'm an artist, so I ought to know ...!). I wanted to keep the style very simple, due to the dynamic colours. I'm so excited to have this bag; it's by far, the best bag I own!"

-Stephanie Gleichsner

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FLORENCE said : "I love reading your column, Victoria – it's so interesting and multi stranded. I 'm thrilled to be getting this beautiful ring and can't wait for it to arrive so that i can wear it soon. To tell the truth I never usually win anything in competitions!"

A lovely reader, Maria Martin, fulfilled the requirements to win the emerald ring for St. Patrick's Day. Maria lives in the London area is an ardent fan of this column. That makes me very pleased that she was the winner ...

Maria went to a London jeweller to determine the ring size, sent it to AJ of Sfere www.wickedcool.co.uk; it is in the actual process of being created. I will post Maria's comments in my next column.

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More complimentary offerings to come!

As you have probably gathered by now, I thrive on having people who follow me receive fun stuff! I will be continuing to do this at least from time-to-time, if not in each issue.

BTW, here are some offerings from the past 11 months:

• Complimentary reading with me.

• Bespoke clutch from Ignes Handbags www.ignesbags.com.

• Spa treatment from Debbie Thomas at The Daniel Hersheson Spa, in Harvey Nichols, London .

• Two handmade rings (with gems) by Sfere www.wickedcool.co.uk.

... look for future promotions in upcoming issues!

I am interested in offering other promotions, in future issues. If you have something to offer that readers would enjoy receiving, please email at victoria@hotgossip.co.uk. Whoever contributes a promotional item, event, treatment or trip will receive a write-up from me re their promotion, as well as a complimentary ad in the column (£275 value). In addition I will continually promote it on all my radio stations, on Twitter (which goes to approximately 20,000 people each tweet ... my tweets also go to Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ecademy and several more social networks). I will also promote it on my website www.victoriabullis.com . (I have fallen behind on my blog – but I am the in process of catching up !!) I get more than 10,000 viewers each month on my site.

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The 8th person to re-tweet any upcoming tweet of mine re this column will receive 55% off of any reading or programme I offer (there is something numerologically very powerful about what I have done here, re this percent...). This is in effect through April. Cut and paste the tweet including the day and time sent, and email to me at victoria@hotgossip.co.uk!

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VICTORIA's latest UK write ups:

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I look forward to reading your comments! victoria@hotgossip.co.uk


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