September 2005
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Greetings from a very tired female bodyguard. It has been hectic the last month, with both TV filming and Bodyguarding. My feet ache and my legs are going on strike. Standing around for hours on end just waiting for your client to make a move is hard work. But, great fun too, especially when the rest of the BG team are a good laugh - and all female - we can discuss men and their body parts without having to listen to football scores and the attributes of page three. We also decided to adopt a homeless man who was sleeping on the sidewalk around the corner from where our client was housed. Every day when the client and entourage had finished eating, the remains came up to the kitchen, by remains I mean most of the food sent down to them, hundreds of pounds of meat and vegetables, so we boxed it up and took it to the homeless man. He was always polite, clean shaven and tried his best to remain clean, we all made up stories among ourselves as to who he was and how he came to be homeless. It was only when one of the girls on the team, who was ex army, dropped his food off, did she recognise the British army "Para" (paratrooper) tattoo on his arm. Bless him if he fought for us and that's how he ended up, sleeping rough on a London street.

I have now emailed the security industry authority on more than a dozen occasions and still they do not reply. Yet September is the month we are now supposed to be applying for our licences to practice the gentle art of Bodyguarding. Phone, I hear you say, yes well they don't answer that very often either, so if any one has a carrier pigeon I can borrow please let me know.

The London bombing discussion rages on, especially the shooting of the man at Stockwell station by our armed officers, or were they all Police? Who really knows, maybe they include MI5 and the SAS. Whoever shot that man I feel sorry for him as he has to live with that for the rest of his life. I know that when you fire a gun to kill someone a sort of red mist can come over you and cause you to shoot several times more than you originally intended. The tension and adrenaline are running high in those, shall I, shan't I, situations.I am not a fan of Ian Blair the Metropolitan commissioner, but I think he has done a great job rounding up the would be London bombers and making the capital a safer place. What of the other Blair our prime-minister? Oh yeah I forgot, he's on holiday. I hope you all have a great September, I am off abroad to the land of sandunes and suicide bombers, enshallah (God willing) I shall write and tell you all about it next month.

Remember stay safe and stay vigilant, terrorists get away with so much because we let them. Stop being a reserved stiff upper lip Brit and ask the person next to you if the bag on the floor is theirs or not. Be aware of who and what is around you. If you think it suspicious then report it. Stay safe Jacquieline Davis

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