November 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Sad Death
I am very sad to report that Jim McNulty, president of UK COPS, passed away in October. Not only was he the founder member and president of ‘Care of Police Survivor’, he was also my friend. Jim was retired from Strathclyde Police but continued to be part of the Police world. He organised the ‘Bullet Proof Vest Exchange Programme and started UK COPS, a charity to help the families of Police Officers killed on duty.

I attended Jim's funeral along with several hundred other mourners, the Blue Knights, and police motorcycle outriders. For the first time in a long time I sobbed my heart out as my friend was laid to rest. I found the outriders to be very poignant for whenever I have attended Law Enforcement week in Washington DC we were always met at Dulles airport by a coach and escorted to our hotel by at least twenty outrider, all organised by Jim.

The work of Cops will go on with Christine Fulton, Dougie Brown and Dick Coleman as trustees. I will help whenever I can in what ever capacity I can, please visit the UK COPS website at

Kenneth Bigley, the British engineer that was kidnapped last month in Baghdad has ben found murdered. An Islamic fundamentalist group has claimed responsibility and now another British Citizen Margaret Hussein has been kidnaped. She was forced to make a video pleading for her life. This woman has lived in Iraq for thirty years and worked for the charity CARE for twelve years, she was a woman going about her business, giving humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq and this is how they repay her. God forgive these kidnappers.

Black Watch soldiers have now been tasked to go and assist American forces in Iraq's triangle of death, some British people are upset that they are being sent into a danger zone, I think we should shut up and just support our troops wherever they are. The war is not over.

Lighter Note
I attended the Birthday party of celebrity psychic Peter Lee at the Games Room club in Mayfair London along with many friends. Standing by a large pot plant I felt something fall behind me, turning round I realised a large candle had fallen off a floor standing candelabra, the candle refused to stay put so I discreetly put it in the plant pot. An hour later a drunken twenty something male who to be honest was being a pain in the butt around the area I was standing lurched over and kept asking for the candle, I retrieved it from the plant pot and told him to take it away before I shoved it where the sun don't shine, so imagine my embarrassment when drunk takes the candle over to Peter Lee who says I will now light my annual candle of peace. Oops.

The American elections are upon us and as you all know I am a huge supporter of President George Bush, I saw one of the debates between him and Kerry and thought the bulge everybody was talking about in Bush's suit was probably his body armour. Come on George please get back in the white house.

Until Next Month

stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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