November 2004
  Social Scene

Livsey reporting in with my monthly social circuit roundup for you, yes you! And them, you know the people with the big long things darling! Awwwwww!! Check me out on and in the Asylum show section on

Mad as a Hatter!

Lord Bath & Trudie Sharma Juggernauth

The Cat in the Hat Ball at The Bulgarian Embassy was the ideal place to rub shoulders, and other things, with the rich and famous. I put on my big Sombrero and waltzed around loving every moment it was on my head whilst clasping to my flute of juice. The atmosphere was electric with a funky beat of music working away in the DJ box with breathetaking topless boys modelling tight red and white stripped pants, ooooooo yes! I had a nice chat with Lord Alexander Bath. He wears a hearing aid to my amazement, like me, so we were both whatnotting a lot. His lovely Labrador was with him, I gave it a stroke which went down well. Lord Bath has a warm aura around him. He is simply the nicest Lord anyone could wish to know. I went to get him a nice drink of vodka and lime, but they ran out, it was a complimentary bar you see, so instead I chose a refreshing bottle of beer, took it up the grand staircase to Lord bath at his throne and poured it into his glass as he observed and chuckled with utmost delight, I felt all proud and special after that! I had pimples on top of my dimples!

Also in the house that night was Deepak Verma, Sajay from Eastenders who was surprisingly very well spoken and very very friendly, in fact he pulled me aside the moment he saw me, must have been my hat!

Guy Richie at Little Bay, Battersea!

Little Bay, the fashionable restaurant in Battersea has this month had Guy Richie in the house! Claudia Schieffer has also taken a few friends into the trendy eatery which is popular with star diners! Celebrities love Little Bay, maybe it’s the £1.75 starters, or the quirky décor? Little Bay, 228 York Road, Battersea 0207 334 334.

Livsey’s Christmas Theatre Selection: The Snowman

The Snowman

Christmas spirit is full of magic and charm (and food and presents), it’s in the air! I love Christmas but equally I love snowmen, not in the way you’re thinking! Dirty minded things!

Raymond Briggs created the magical enchanting The Snowman, first broadcast on Channel Four on Christmas eve 1982, but this theatre production of The Snowman brilliantly capitulates the very feel of what Raymond Briggs created in his mind in a dazzling magical theatre adventure about a boy who’s snowman miraculously comes to life and walks in the cold frosty air across the world. All the little treats and features are there including penguins, reindeer, Jack Frost and of course that magical hit song "Walking in the Air" made famous by choirboy Aled Jones in 1985. You can’t have Christmas without a mince pie, Santa Clause or presents, yes lots of presents so what makes you think you can have Christmas without The Snowman? It is a must see! The Snowman is my king of Christmas theatre! The Snowman opens at the Peacock Theatre 8 December 2004 and runs until 9January 2005. Shows at 11am 2.30pm and 7.30pm (poor actors they will be exhausted!) Box Office 0870 737 7737.

Gabrielle’s Restaurant Heddon Street, Mayfair


Gabrielle’s was a typical example of excitement jumping off the menu including the Frogs Legs in garlic butter. I dived in with a selection from the £20 lunch menu with Moules Mariniere for starter followed by a delicious steak from the grill menu served with French fries. The wine list is one of the most substantial lists in London with over 60 varieties of wines and champagnes to choose from with prices ranging from £4 a glass to £240 a bottle.

The French experience was gently wafting over from the street outside, with all its pebbled pavements and a unique village feel I thought was actually in France. The service was brilliant and fast! My muscles were light and delicious, cooked to perfection. Often with Muscles they can be very salty however these were seasoned by hand: I love a fussy chef!

I ordered fillet steak and French fries whilst my friend had Wild Mushroom risotto. I always know a good restaurant by its meat (I do like my meat). The chef managed to give a delicious charred coat whilst maintaining a wonderful unspoilt medium inside! This was so exciting.

Last but not least my choice of dessert of poached pare dipped in chocolate with a white chocolate sauce which was perfectly balanced and not too rich.

Gabrielle’s is a taste of tradition in an oasis of France in Central London. Gabrielle’s Brasserie and bar, Heddon Street, Mayfair, London 0207 494 2234

Havana Bunnies Hopping Around London!

Multi Millionaire playboy Mitchell A. Orchant is lending his Havana Bunnies to high profile events in and around London where they will be servicing the rich and famous with fine Havana cigars. Orchant has a collection of some of the oldest and distinguished companies within the trade in the world dating back to 1817. His companies supply American movie stars and internationally renowned politicians and diplomats with luxury goods including Champagne and coffee! His Bunnies are sexy girls with ears and tails and little trays full of exciting things! I will make sure I get you some photos of Orchant with his famous Havana Bunnies for the New Year edition!

North London’s Stylist to the Stars

Hairdresser to the stars John Ellul from New York has opened a fabulous new salon on the green in Winchmore Hill, North London. A hairdresser for 25 years in both New York and London John knows what you and your hair deserve from a salon. Enjoy a touch of glamour and a welcome greeting from his little Yorkshire terrier named Max paddling about on the highly polished cream marble floor. I stepped into his salon and thought I was in an Italian Palace in Rome with the large theatrical stone statues placed around and in an old fire place which hits you as you step in the front door. It’s glamour and style all the way at New York, Winchmore Hill. Open six days a week. New York Hair and Beauty 0208 886 4000

Café De Paris - an all Star Concert 2 November

Exclusive performances by Corie (Damage) Kelly Le Roc Audley Anderson (Fame Academy) and Jodie Lei perform in a showcase of over 24 artistes in what will be a live music spectacular to a celebrity audience at Café De Paris, Piccadilly, London on 2 November 2004. Tickets are £30. Reservations and enquiries 0207 930 0886 and feel the music!


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