November 2004

Letter From The Editor
I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I was walking through a shopping mall in Cheltenham last month (October) and was amazed to find it was already decorated in Christmas trimmings including a huge Christmas tree. Next thing we know people will be throwing their Christmas parties in November.

Restaurant Of The Month

Frankies Bar & Grill

Address 3 Yeoman's Row, SW3 Tel 020 7590 9999

LIVSEY, my new social editor and social escort extraordinaire, introduced me to Frankies Bar & Grill in Knightsbridge. We were on our way to a function and decided it was a good idea to review this venue as I’d heard that JOAN COLLINS held her birthday party here a few days earlier. Unusual for Joanie, I thought, holding a party in a pizza parlour. But what a lovely place FRANKIES is! It’s also huge, seating more than 170 diners – and oh so glamorous, decorated richly with lots of mirrors everywhere. What a grand idea – a posh pizza bar! The food is absolutely scrumptious - although I should point out that my sardines were a touch too oily, for my taste anyway. We tried the house wine which was really smooth and went down very well. LIVSEY loved the pasta dish. But for me the best thing on the menu that evening was MARCO PIERRE WHITE, who informs me he’s not a chef. Oooooops - I always thought he was, but then I haven’t read the book MARCO: THE MAKING OF MARCO PIERRE WHITE, SHARPEST CHEF IN HISTORY, which apparently informs us that Marco has given up being a chef in favour of managing restaurants – he’s a businessman now. And apart from Frankies, which he launched with former jockey FRANKIE DETTORI, he also owns some of the best eating places in London. I found MARCO to be a very charming person and oh so sexy and cuddly, which is why I gave him a big hug (see image)

FRANKIES, Marco Pierre White, Georgina Bruni& Livsey Copyright Georgina Bruni

Ball Of The Month

Harper Collins And Philip Sallon’S Cat In A Hat Ball & Charty Auction


It’s always nice to receive an invitation from PHILIP SALLON, who in my opinion throws the best parties and events in London. Those BOY GEORGE parties come to mind! And nobody can do invitations like he does. This one, which was a joint do with publishing company HARPER COLLINS, promoting their book, that old time fave, ‘Cat in a Hat’ by DR SEUSS, came in the form of a concertina of cats coming out of a candy striped hat designed by chic hatter PHILIP TREACY. Adorable! And we also got a copy of the book! The event was held at the Bulgarian Embassy where I bumped into our favourite Ambassador VALENTIN DOBREV, always the perfect host and a great supporter of charity events. I had a chat with friends LORD BATH and his lovely wifelet TRUDIE SHARMA JUGGERNAUTH, and fed ALEXANDER’S (LORD BATH) Labrador dog, with extravagant canapés. A Spectacular show was put on by flamboyant French milliner LOUIS MARIETTE and his cat women (see image) and it was fun to see so many lovely – and indeed outrageous hats because after all that was the dress code, STRICTLY HATS!

CAT IN A HAT with LOUIS MARIETTE & CATWOMEN Copyright Georgina Bruni

Until next month, regards Georgian Bruni

Editor in Chief


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