March 2008
  A Woman In Business

Hello and welcome to Aneela's page.

I'm thrilled to be writing for the fabulous HOT GOSSIP! I hope to inspire, challenge and motivate you into action, in some shape or form! And being of Asian origin, I'll throw in some extra hot chilli powder to spice things up a bit.

Looking for innovative hot tips to get noticed in business? Have you thought of the next "world's first" but unsure where to start? Perhaps you're just fed up reporting to managers who haven't got a clue and you're itching to be your own boss? Each month I'll provide an insight into the latest hot tips to be successful in business. The first one starts with Business Flirting...but before I unveil the do's and don'ts, I'd like to set the scene first, a story that I hope will rouse your business passions.

There's an inherent requirement within the Pakistani culture to conform to the family's wishes in regard to marriage and career. You could be "whisked-off" to the homeland to marry cousin Ali in a cast of thousands, or have a career in the medical or legal profession thereby realising your parents' dream. I, however, had no desire to either help people medically or learn legal jargon, this was not my dream, and I had my own ideas about whom I wanted to marry.

A feisty and determined individual, I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing and after leaving University (studying nothing remotely linked with human body parts or wearing dodgy wigs), I quickly found employment as a Marketing Assistant for a publishing company in Docklands. I worked hard putting all my energy into learning from those around me, attending courses to improve my knowledge and making an impression with everyone I came into contact with. Within 5 years, I'd worked my way up to become Head of Marketing and PR for a fast growing IT company. In 2005, I relinquished the security of a well-paid job to become self-employed and Aneela Rose PR was born And last year, I launched an online sparkly jewellery boutique

As a Pakistani woman, I've journeyed through some challenging times over the last twelve years of my career. I've worked with women and men of all ages, I've reported to women and men of all calibres and I've developed skills from professional women and men at all levels BUT I've only ever been truly inspired by women, the quirkier and more off the wall the better as far as I'm concerned.

There's a new generation of entrepreneurial and professional women: high achievers who want to transform their futures by realising their true potential. Are you one of them? I believe that everyone has a special skill; tapping into it and using it to make a career is the challenge. The most obvious natural flair that all women possess is the ability to talk; match that with flirting and there we have it, Aneela's first hot tip – business flirting – get noticed, win business.


Flirting goes on in almost every human communication. There are different flirt techniques for different situations; for example, trying to impress the opposite sex at a job interview or dressing nicely to look attractive to our partner. Many successful business people will admit to flirting all the time; with a flirtatious nature comes high self esteem and a carefree attitude. These people are upbeat, smile a lot and are fun to be around. They are generous in their praise of others, motivating and encouraging those around them. I believe Networking is about serendipity, making your own luck. Here are my top 5 hot flirting tips for working a room to get noticed:

Speak with a smile in your eyes
A friendly smile, approachable manner and lots of eye contact will go a long long way. This may seem obvious but a lot of people forget to smile, as they're too busy concentrating on name badges or are just too nervous.

Connect people to people
Networking isn't just about you connecting to people; it's also about you connecting other people with each other. Networkers truly working the room are the ones making introductions as they pass from one person to another. You will be noticed as people will appreciate and respect your interest in them and your circle of contacts will expand quickly.

Offer help without expectation of return
If you spot an opportunity to help someone that requires little effort but you can clearly see the big impact for them, then offer your help with no expectation of anything in return. This will be surprising but I believe what goes around comes around, so it's just a matter of time before the favour is returned to you.

Be brief and a little mysterious
Keep it short, as there are lots of people to talk to and meet. Leave people wanting to know more as an air of mystery in business is a good thing. People are naturally curious and nosey and will ask after you, which is exactly what you want.

Listen intently and be engaging
Be interested in what your fellow business networker is telling you. People love talking about themselves, so listen intently and you will be remembered! Make an impression with everyone you meet, make notes on the back of the business cards you collect to remind you of that person in case you meet them again. Remembering people's names always impresses.

Next month – hot PR and Marketing tips.

Last week Aneela attended Tara Palmer – Tomkinson's launch of her new lifestyle website,

Here are pix of Aneela with Tara and with Duncan James from Blue:

Last week, Aneela attended Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's launch of her new lifestyle website.

Aneela Rose is an award winning business entrepreneur. Aneela Rose PR was set up four years ago and is growing year on year providing professional PR, Marketing and Creative services to SME's across the UK. Aneela's other business venture is an online jewellery boutique where her inspiration for selling sparkly jewellery was born out of a love of fashion and observing the huge growth of online shopping. Aneela sits on the Board of Directors at Sussex Enterprise and is a Member of the Institute Of Directors and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. She has been awarded the Success in Business Award by Anglia University, the Dynamic Asian Woman Award and has been filmed by the DTI and Aurora. Aneela writes for consumer and business magazines and has links with the "celebrity" community; she has provided interview scoops with Nick Leeson and Nicholas Van Hoogstraten among others.

Tel: 01444 241341
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