March 2007
  Crime, Safety & Protection

It's been a busy month for me, I've been working undercover as a chef in an old people's home to show you how these people are treated and the appalling circumstances which they are forced to endure. Many of the elderly are confused and scared as they try to settle into new surroundings. Moved out of the house they have probably lived in for thirty or more years, they are dumped in homes and left to die.

Many of the people who work in these homes do not care about the residents; they just do it for the money. If you do find a good carer they are worth their weight in gold but sadly they are few and far between. My experience has been watching carers of 17 years old shouting at old ladies to get in the bath or, worse, leaving them there for an hour at a time. Dignity and pride are left to rot like their dinner which is often left out of their reach. Alernatively, if they are unable to feed themselves, they are force fed by ramming a spoon full of blended yuk down their throats.
We should make rules that no one under twenty one should be allowed to care for the elderly in these homes and that they should all be properly trained.


Please be aware of the premium rate phone lines that a lot of television game shows are using.

ITV, for example, charge 75p a call to their Mint Mansion Game whether you get through or not and even Channel 4's Richard and Judy: You Say, We Pay game show has proved to be a con.

Apparently the winners are picked after the first five minutes of the telephone lines being open, even though Richard and Judy continue urging callers to ring 20 minutes later and again 10 minutes after that. It's the old saying: "if it sounds to good to be true, then it is."


If you receive a letter on what looks like official paper telling you you've won a lottery in Canada, Spain or any other country for that matter and they ask you to send money to release the prize, it's a con. No lottery company in the world needs you to pay to release the winnings.

Please do not be taken in by these letters - or now phone calls.


Following last month's "how to check if your hubby is cheating on you", I have received several emails from men asking how to spot if their woman are cheating, So for you chaps, here are a few tips.

Be suspicious if:
* she starts staying overnight at the house of a friend you have never heard of before.
* she works later than usual
* she comes home smelling of aftershave but tells you she was sprayed in the men's department of the local store whilst shopping.

* look through her underwear drawer and see if she has purchased any new underwear that you have not yet seen on her.

Never let it be said I don't help the guys out as well as the women who read this column.

Him at home has gone off to his cave for a couple of weeks to get his head together - or in reality to sun himself in Miami with his mates! So I get a peaceful house. The cats are thrilled because they get the whole of his side of the bed and can stretch out.

Until next month,
Stay Safe.
Jacquie Davis

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