March 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection


Female police officer Sharon Bown was shot in the stomach after answering a call to a burglary in Nottingham, she was wearing bodyarmour but the type that stops short of covering the whole lower abdomen area. After emergency surgery she is now recovering in hospital, her first words on waking were 'I didn't get him dad." Brave girl.

Police knew the man who had committed the shooting and of course every Police officer and his dog in the UK was looking for him, so what a surprise when he books a plane ticket in his own name and then wonders why he was arrested whilst on an aeroplane sitting on the tarmac at Heathrow.


I play cards on line with several ladies who tell me they have been ordering cigarettes from an on line company called dutyfreedepot. This company is based in New York, USA and sell cigarettes at duty free prices. Instead of receiving cigarettes they received letters from their local post offices in England telling them the packages had been opened by Customs and Excise and there was nearly forty pounds to pay in various excise taxes.

Customs are not stupid and I expect know the address of every online cigarette selling company there is and therefore know what is in the packages.

Interestingly enough Visa and Mastercard in the USA have refused to take payments for these online cigarette suppliers, but no such luck in the UK. You have been warned.

Another to beware of is fraudulent psychics: many are genuine, but some are frauds like Paul De'aran, real name Paul Williams, who befriended an elderly couple and made several visits to their home. The elderly man died and low and behold De'aran tells the elderly wife to look behind the clock as spirit is telling him their is something there, she does and it turns out to be the elderly husbands will, leaving half of everything to De'aran. The lady believed it to be true and gave him half the money. It was only whilst investigating another fraud that Police became aware of Williams, they had the hand-written will analysed and what do you know, the handwriting was De'aran/Williams own.

De'aran claims to be ill having had a heart attack and says he is mentally ill, amazing he didn't know this before he got caught.
He is now awaiting sentencing having been found guilty of fraud. Shame we don't have a law of being a low life toerag he would have been found guilty of that too.

Well, hopefully I am lying on a beach in Asia whilst you are reading this, if you need my help in any way please email me with a short paragraph on what the problem is and I will do my best. Also get well soon to fellow lucky press author Chris Davey (Turners Logs) who has just undergone major heart surgery. So until next month stay safe and beaware.

Jacquieline Davis

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