March 2006


Welcome to our Mad March issue...lots of interesting gossip and news on all our pages. And a special thank you to Joe (Checkout our CELEBRITY section) for all his great cover pictures.

Last month I filled you in on BIG BROTHER – the TV show that is, and we featured the lovely winner CHANTELLE on our front page. I reported that MAX CLIFFORD was managing her, which he was for about a minute...having been in discussions with Chantelle's mother, but as soon as she was released from the house she was advised to go with DAVINA McCALL'S agent, a big loss for Clifford who stood to do very well out of the new celeb....but HOT GOSSIP was the first to have her as a cover girl, thanks to TV personality and top photographer JOE ALVAREZ. Believe it or not, I understand our very own NICK POPE is up for the next CELEBRITY BIG where did I hear that! Would the MOD really let him do it! Well, an MP just about got away with it!

Goodbye Spain and Hello Bulgaria! The British media have got very excited over the interest in cheaply priced property in Bulgaria, so a recent press conference in Sofia to mark the long awaited announcement of low-cost flights to and from Bulgaria, would come as a bonus for interested buyers. Natasa Kazmer, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Wizz Air, announced that the low-cost air carrier will begin flying direct flights four times weekly, Luton to Sofia and three times weekly, Luton to Bourgas. James Knight, Executive Director of Knight International, a company specializing in Bulgarian property, traveled from the UK to Sofia specifically for the press conference. Natasa Kazmer acknowledged the special relationship that has been formed over the last several months between their two companies and thanked James Knight for his support in advocating the importance of the low-cost carriers impact on Bulgaria. This announcement ties in with the launch of Knight International's newest development, The Vineyards, which is located only 20km from Bourgas airport and is absolutely fabulous! Wow! It's really chic! Look for yourself!

I'm reviewing some interesting books for next month. Having been ill most of last month with that terrible bug that very nearly killed me, I've had plenty of time to read rather than socialize, but one doesn't much feel like reading when not well.... so here's the only one I could manage this month...

A really girlie book that every female should read is HOW TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS, 101 things every girl needs to know, by CAMILLIA MORTON, with a foreword by JOHN GALLIANO. From experimenting with wine to understanding modern art, and everything in between, you will really enjoy this fun-filled book. The best chapter, which is really rather ridiculous, is 'How to Sound Like a Politician' I mean what gal wants to do that! And according to stylist WILLIAM BAKER, BIG knickers a la Bridget Jones, are back! What! Just when I've got used to KYLIE briefs....

Do check out all our interesting pages (see left menu) and catch up with me next month when I'll be reviewing some great new products and super books ....bye for now...

Have a good one

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