March 2005

Hello everyone, let’s hope the weather gets better soon! Although March is traditionally windy at the beginning or the end! Dare I say it, surely it can’t be any worse that what we have had!

Lara McAllen

Nice to see Angel City (featuring the smouldering Lara McAllen) in the Top 10 with the fourth single! There aren’t many Pop/Dance Acts that have had has many hits the Angel City, and without buying the singles in, which unfortunately still goes on in the industry. The debut album is released 1st March and is likely to go straight into the Top 10 of the Album Charts! Ministry of Sound have done themselves proud, with their shrewd choice of signing Lara McAllen as the face and vocals of Angel City.

The Charts

It’s crazy to see so many new entries into the charts every week, and I hear people saying oh they can get to No 1 by on selling 30,000 singles! This maybe the case for some weeks, but on average it is a lot more than that. You also hear it said that “in the old days “bands sold 200,000 singles to get to No 1! Yes this is true, but in the old days there were only a tenth of the artistes releasing records, so they had more of the share of the market. I suppose it’s a bit like supermarkets, before the advent of them you shopped at your local store, which probably carried, let’s say a tomato sauce, then you would hear oh, so and so’s sauce used to sell a million bottles a year, but there was no competition, which is I say is like the times past with artistes and the control of the major labels. I suppose it was the advent of dance music that changed things, allowing small dance labels to enter the market place and break the stranglehold of the majors, well a little bit anyway.

So, basically what I am saying is that times have changed! Look at how many music video channels there are, they all have to fill their programming, so there is an opportunity for more artistes to be seen and their music appreciated.

Personally, I think it is far better now as the “Music Business” is more accessible to talented artistes, which can only be a good thing!


March 1st
Roger Daltrey, 61

March 2nd
John Bon Jovi, 43
Lou Reed, 61

March 13th
Neil Sedaka, 66

March 15th
Sly Stone, 61

March 18th
Queen Latifa, 35

March 23rd
Chaka Khan, 52

March 25th
Elton John, 58
Aretha Franklin, 63

March 28th
Mariah Carey, 35

March 30th
Norah Jones, 26
Celine Dion, 37



So the BLUE Tour is finally off ! The official reason is given as Lee Ryan having nodules on his vocal chords!

Can we read between the lines hear? Have BLUE grown out of being a boy band? Have the members of the band fallen out? Perhaps we all know the reason why the tour has been cancelled. No matter what there will be a lot of BLUE fans very disappointed at the news!

The Olsen Twin

Last Autumn Mary-Kate and sister Ashley having just moved in together as they started college in NYC and then hitting every hot show together during NYC's glittering Autumn fashion week, they seemed insuperable!

But Six months on and Mary-Kate has moved out of their New York apartment, shock horror I hear you exclaim!

It would appear, that Ashley’s boyfriend is taking up her spare time and rather than Mary-Kate being a “ gooseberry “ she has moved and is now hanging with her own friends.

Will this be the end of the “twins” as performers and personalities?

Well, I suppose we will just have to wait and see!

The EU is to investigate iTunes

Apparently, the European Union is going to investigate the pricing of Apple Computer's digital music service. This is because consumers complained that downloading tracks was more expensive in the UK than other parts of Europe. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least, I think they should be investigating the mobile phone companies as well! Why does it cost so much to phone from Europe to the UK? I digress; it costs up to 20% more in the UK than in countries such as France and Germany. Officials are investigating whether price differentials on iTunes are unjust and amount to a breach of EU pricing regulations. Which? Magazine wrote to the Office of Fair Trading last September, asking it to look into the iTunes' pricing across Europe.
As iTunes seem to be the most popular company in the music downloading field, an investigation is needed, before we get another Microsoft scandal!


According to the Mirror Newspaper Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's fairytale marriage seems to be in trouble, say friends of the couple. They are apparently going through "an incredibly rough patch" after a series of furious rows.

Coldplay's Chris, 27, has had problems with his band overdue third album - while Oscar-winning Gwyneth has been left at home alone with their eight-month-old daughter Apple.

It appears the strain of being parents after such a short time of being married has been too stressful for them to cope with in conjunction with their busy work schedules.

It’s such a shame, as they appeared to be a beautiful couple, so in love, just shows how strenuous it is being in the public eye!
They commute between London and New York regularly, where they own houses in both cities.

Let’s hope that they can sort it out!

Well that’s the lot this month, keep the e-mails coming in

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Also don’t forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered

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