March 2005


Just when I thought it was time to start thinking about putting away my winter furs, Britain gets cloaked in snow, and I'm confined to bed with a massive high temperature suffering from the dreaded flu (not the birdie type thank goodness – or I might not be here to tell this tale). Nevertheless, I missed some great parties last month, especially the 10th anniversary party for the saucy lingerie company AGENT PROVOCATEUR at the CAFÉ DE PARIS, London. I was so looking forward to wearing my new sexy black and pink - strict dress code - outfit - thanks to my friend PHILLIP SALLON who kindly put me on the guest list, but I was just too ill to go.

Then I missed the BRITISH TELECON party at BT Tower to introduce their sponsorship for a punk singer, no less - that's a first I thought! What are huge businesses doing promoting bright young things? I tried in vain to get that question answered when I attended an earlier launch (probably where I picked up my flu germs) for MACDONALDS (yes! the hamburger folks) and MTV, an odd sort of union and even odder function at the PENTHOUSE in London. One could not hear anything due to a Chinese rock band hammering out some deafening sounds. We were offered cheap champagne and cheap goody bags, the contents of which went straight into the bin, and the MAC directors (who we were told were there to be interviewed) frankly did not give a damn! What a dreadfully rude bunch they were! Just as we were leaving one of their British execs (the directors were American) came over to sort of apologise, and he, NICK HINDLE, later e-mailed me offering to advise on what the event was all about, but I had sadly lost interest by then. I never did like MACDONALDS, but I like them even less now! In fact the best part of that evening was when my deputy editor SALLY, celebrity clairvoyant VALENTIN BORRISSOV and I visited JEWEL in Glasshouse Street, an absolutely fabulous bar, in fact several bars with themes to each of them, my favourites being the Buddha Room, and the one with the massive chandeliers! How I love chandeliers! After two very good bottles of champagne with proprietor GEOFFREY, an old friend of Sally's, we were in a good mood. JEWEL is part of SOHO Clubs & Bars, who have other super venues in central London.

A really nice new Italian restaurant and bar has just opened in Chelsea, called INIGA where I attended a fabulous launch party put together by GOODLIFE Media. In the past this venue has been somewhat of a 'white elephant' for want of a better word. It's changed hands several times in the last ten years and I was beginning to think it had really bad karma – or the Feng Shui was not quite right! But the truth is that's it's a little off the beaten track, around a corner off Fulham Road and in a basement. But some of the most popular places (where you can't get a table unless you are god) are tucked away in side streets - so with some good PR this lovely bar and restaurant should be buzzing in no time! In fact I liked it so much we held a drinks party there a few weeks later. I hope to report back to you when I've sampled the food, which I'm told is really good. INIGA, 2a Pond Place, Chelsea. No need to book – yet!

Our lovely friend DAVE WEST, who also is a sponsor of HOT GOSSIP, was featured on BBC TV's 'TROUBLE AT THE TOP' documentary last month. Dave was a riot to watch, a real East End boy who's not afraid to speak his mind. I just loved it when he put a pushy pompous French chef in his place. Dave had hired him for advise on a kitchen for his new night club he is opening, and JEAN CHRISTOF NOVELLI (is that really his name or did he think it up?) suggested – insisted – demanded - that more space be allocated to the kitchen area. Dave refused and came out with the famous words on camera, "After all he's only a chef!" When I saw Dave a few weeks later at my party I told him how much I enjoyed that comment, but that in my opinion he should have said, "But he's only a COOK!" and we both laughed and said the words together… he had thought that at the time and wished he's said it.

"SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY" said the innovative press release which caused me to instantly buy a new mattress and throw out and purchase new pillows. According to the LAB report approximately 20% of the British population admit they change their pillows only every five years. This is about to change, thanks to National Pillow Week 18th-24th April 2005, which is the brainchild of the Duvet and Pillow Association, who aim to put pillows on the national agenda. With an average of 24 years of our lives spent in bed, it's time everyone wakes up to some home truths, we are told! Very few people are aware they are sharing their pillow with up to two million dust mites, sweat, mould and mildew (OH MY GAWD!) if they haven't changed their pillow recently. In fact, it is claimed that 10% of a pillows weight is made up of these gruesome items if it hasn't been changed after 18 months. And on it goes... but I felt disgusted to think that I hadn't changed my pillows for about 18 months. Shock, horror! Now I steam clean them – and my mattress every time I change my bed linen, which is every week. I wasn't waiting for National Pillow Week to get organized and neither should you.

On that note I shall wish you all a jolly fun March

Georgina Bruni

Editor in Chief

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