June 2010
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I have been doing readings for approximately 25 years now. If you'd like to find out more about me, click on the tab to the right. june_bttn.jpg Or you can go to my website (www.victoriabullis.com). Also, Google me!

Every month for approx 17 years, I have written a monthly 'blog' on the site: I always channel the content; my Spirit Guides tell me exactly what we are all meant to know for that month, to maximize efforts and avoid pitfalls.

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As I mentioned previously each year has some sort of "cosmic" theme to it; within that year each month has its own component related to the universal theme. The theme for 2010 relates to HOPE. (www.hotgossip.co.uk/April_2010 or www.hotgossip.co.uk/January_2010 ).

The "sub" - theme for this month is a unique one. It has to do with how each of us processes information differently, which then gives each of us a different perception about any certain concept, idea or belief. This can create anything from common misunderstandings to chaos.

Approximately twenty five years ago, Howard Gardner created a theory relating to our having multiple intelligences. His theory is based on there being not just one kind of intelligence, but at least seven. He names them: Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Verbal-linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Intrapersonal, Visual-spatial, Musical, Naturalistic. This is one explanation re why people are good at entirely different things.

I was guided to mention how to understand hope in its deep meaning, working with these seven kinds of intelligence.

So, if you are athletic (dancer, tennis player, marathon runner), you work things through problem-solving-wise, often while in your exercise mode. If you are someone who is very social and loves gatherings, meeting up with friends for coffee, etc. you will find yourself often making sense of things as you share these components with your allies. If you are someone who talks for a living (speaker, TV/radio personality, teacher) you will come to understand information while you are actually speaking ... I do this often! If you happen to be one who is extremely logically based (engineer, math teacher, accountant, solicitor) the understanding of a situation or problem-solving will often come while reviewing cases studies in the past – and/or working with numerical equations. If you happen to be reflective (such as a Christian nun, Buddhist monk, philosopher, meditation teacher) information will come through individual soul searching. If a visual person (artist, designer, photographer), intelligence can often come through your own personal concept of beauty. If musical, both wisdom and intelligence will come via hearing or seeing musical notes and/or words, intuitively. If you are lover of nature (trekker, forest ranger, fisherman, adventurers of all sorts) you learn while being out in Mother Nature.

Because each category of person learns differently from the others and also views the world and everything in it differently, the deep meaning of hope can be learned differently also. Work with the type of "intelligence" you have; find a way within yourself to delve into the Higher, or exalted levels of this extremely important, innate, mostly forgotten aspect of who we are. In other words if you are a Naturalistic, do your thinking and expanding your awareness of the usual meaning of hope while in beautiful forest or on a beach. If you are Musical, write a song about it. If you are a Bodily-kinesthetic, process your information as you run or work out. And so on.

You might want to re-read this information a few times. As with everything else I write, I have certain Spirit Guides who work with anyone who reads what I channel to help him or her grasp it as deeply as possible.

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Brit Week – Addendum!

The day I filed May's column, I was walking down Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. I had to stop while furniture was being loaded into a shop; all of the sudden I realized it was a new Shabby Chic shop. Because this chain was a participating business in Brit Week, I decided to go in. The English owner, Rachel Ashwell, happened to be there – which as she told me she virtually never is.At that point I knew I was meant to be there, so I asked if I could interview her. This particular shop is called Shabby Chic Couture and is full of not only its usual overstuffed sofas and chairs with loose slipcovers, but also is loaded with English antiques. Rachel told me that she has just opened a shop in Notting Hill, at 142 Notting Hill Gate W11 3QG (www.shabbychic.com ). Apparently while the one in Santa Monica has English antiques, the one in Notting Hill has quite a few American ones. I am very familiar with her shops in the LA area and the look she created - - many, many years ago. She literally came up with the look Americans assume is traditional English: old sofas with loose linen slipcovers. ashwell.jpg

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Included in the February / March issue was the Giveaway of 2 rings – one with a garnet and the other an emerald. Unfortunately, the rings had not arrived in the UK by the time the column had to be filed for the May issue. Both rings are finally on their way to the recipients in the UK; although they will be there in a couple of days, I will have to wait until July's issue to post their responses.

Florence Rowland

Maria Martin

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This month's spa review is a continuation from May. www.hotgossip.co.uk/May_2010 I was so impressed with the product line used in Beverly Hills Four Season's Hotel Spa, Ila, that I contacted owner Denise Leicester. What a truly lovely person she is! On my next visit to London I will be going to the Cotswolds to tour her very unique facilities: the products, which contain all organic ingredients from many parts of the world, are made in tiny batches in a series of converted barns. Her own channeled Sanskrit music plays while the ingredients are blended. While I was having my Ila treatment, I actually saw the individual ingredients expand to fill the entire room.

While I was interviewing her, we discussed favourite scents. When I asked if she had a quote she would like to have added to the piece, she commented about my love for roses: 'The essence of ila is like a rose ... ila nourishes the light of the heart and reflects a radiance and stillness in the face ... beautifully!'

Denise generously offered three products for this month's Giveaway! ... Please see Giveaway section, below.

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The fourth person to email me re the significance of gold to them is someone I have known for approximately 25 years, Arielle Ford. I am not surprised that Arielle was the fourth person to send me her comment; she is highly spiritual, very savvy, powerful and intuitive. I met Arielle when she was in the process of making Deepak Chopra famous. Literally. She also had a series of books out in the 1990's entitled Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul (the name of the series was suggested to her by two other fellows she also helped make famous, the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. BTW, I have stories in 5 of the 6 books in her series). She also has a current, wonderful book that I highly recommend to everyone, whether in a relationship or not: called The Soulmate Secret (www.soulmatesecret.com). I suggest following her on Twitter (@ArielleFord) - - her tweets are definitely worth reading. Arielle loves gold as much as I do ( ! ), and also feels the impact of the gold in the LaRocca line to her body. She is particularly loving the eyelash products from the goody bag!

For more about the LaRocca skincare products: (www.hotgossip.co.uk/May_2010 and www.laroccaskincare.com )

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As I have been mentioning recently I am seeking out interesting contributors to this column, on a wide range of topics. It is somehow always been important to me to pass along to others what I feel is information worth having.


My first contributor, Mindy Gibbins-Klein (mindy@bookmidwife.com), is a writer's coach who is becoming quite famous, and quickly! An accomplished author, seminar leader, publisher with many coaching programs tailored to aspiring authors, she is now providing a "Tip of the Month" for this column. The month of June is Tip #2. For more about Mindy and why it is so important to become an accomplished writer in this day and age see last month's column www.hotgossip.co.uk/April_2010 .


Thinking about writing and publishing a book? www.bookmidwife.com

Your book is probably at the heart of a much bigger plan. If you are writing a business book, you will also be planning a website, blogs, articles, videos, audios and public speaking. Fiction writers also need many of these items, and so do most other authors. (tinyurl.com/22wnyrh ) The time to plan what you want to deliver and how it needs to turn out is before you start writing. There is a lot of talk about 're-purposing' books to create new products. Well, if you plan it well enough at the beginning, you won't have so much re-purposing to do. For example, knowing that you want to end up with 15-20 articles or blogs could inspire you to plan the book with those in mind, so that you end up with everything ready from Day One. You will also be able to record those articles to end up with professional podcasts. And if you know you need material for a 25-minute keynote speech, you can simply use the same plan and outline so you don't have to re-invent the wheel each time. I like to call this 'pre-purposing', and it's a good idea to keep that purpose in mind as you produce all of the exciting products that help you share your message with the world. www.hotgossip.co.uk/May_2010

Also, do send questions and comments about whatever writing help you feel you might need, to me at victoria@hotgossip.co.uk .


A few issues ago, I mentioned how exceptional a facialist is that I went to in London at Harvey Nichols' Daniel Hersheson Salon and Spa, Debbie Thomas. ( tinyurl.com/2eeqm4m )I now make it a point of having a treatment with Debbie during each of my trips to London. Every person who has gone to see Debbie after reading about her in this column is also now a faithful follower.

As I have gotten to know Debbie from my treatments with her, I have discovered what a wealth of information she is about virtually all aspects of beauty – from inside out. Products, nutrients, medical treatments, plus anything holistic. Debbie is one of the very best there is. When I asked her if she would be interested in providing a tip or two each month for my column she was delighted, as she has loved all the new clients who have come to her after reading about her in this column. (tinyurl.com/2eeqm4m) I am excited to be sent Debbie's first tip:

"Everyone no matter the skin color or where you live should use sun protection products. There are two ways to do this. Firstly SPF's as a cream or lotion. This creates a barrier against the sun's rays - they do need to be applied correctly so read the instructions. Secondly topical anti-oxidants, especially vitamin C, boost your own skin's natural sun protection and will also help to reverse sun damage already caused. These products need to have high grade, high percentage ingredients for them to work, so invest in the best you can afford.

Why is sun protection important? Sun damage causes over 80% of aging in the skin, including uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, lines, redness and sun spots (hyper-pigmentation) and even more important too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.

I routinely recommend any of a number of product lines I find to be good; I am not wedded to any particular one. For a good quality, effective sunscreen Skinceuticals have just launched a SPF 50 which is very light and leaves no whiteness on the skin. It is great for virtually every skin type and retails for aprox £30. Also Skinceuticles do great antioxidant serums which are Vit C based (thus helping the skin to protect itself better from the sun's rays); these range from £60-£140.

About me; I feel one of the reasons for my success is that I always crave more knowledge. I am under no illusion that I 'know it all' so constantly research new skin procedures and products, making sure I always offer my clients the best most advanced skin care and advice."

Debbie Thomas
Skincare Specialist

Daniel Hersheson
Harvey Nichols
109-125 Knightsbridge
Bookings 020 7201 8797
Mobile 07850 864111
Email debbie@debbiethomas.co.uk

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Ila skin care owner Denise Leicester has generously offered to donate several products in June from her lovely spa line (www.ila-spa.com)! The third, sixth and eight readers to email me the answer to the following question will receive one of the following amazing gift items: What would be the most interesting aspect of your life that you would consider basing a book on?

• Rainforest Travel Bag
• A travel bag with cleanser, toner, rose facial oil, a balm and facial mud
• 3 mini sized candles in a gift box

(I absolutely love these colors ...)


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Back by popular demand next month. . . another celebrity psychic handbag reading.

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VICTORIA's latest UK write ups:

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I look forward to reading your comments! victoria@hotgossip.co.uk


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