February 2006
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Hi all and a happy new year, a bit late I know but we have January off so this is the first time I get to say it. So a New Year and new kick arse attitude, this year if you genuinely need help then email me, don't bother if you just want to whinge, whine and say oh woe is me.

If you have a problem with a con man someone who's threatening you or you are suffering from yobs tearing up your street then let me know and I will see what I can do to help.

Two people were found guilty of raping a twelve week old baby in Stevenage, Hertfordshire recently. He is Alan Webster, a 42 year old pedophile, his girlfriend 19 year old Tanya French was baby-minding for her friend. Webster had groomed French since she was fourteen years old, the sick pair filmed each other whilst they raped the baby. Both were jailed: Webster got a life sentence and French got five years. The vile pedophile was sent to Woodhill prison, were inmates sickened by his crime have promptly thrown boiling water mixed with sugar over him, he apparently screamed in agony. I hope the warders took their time getting to him.

In the news recently there have been two cases of children being snatched from their own homes, the first a girl aged six was taken out of the bath by a predator who crept into the house whilst the mothers back was turned for a minute. The child was driven round in a car and subjected to sexual abuse before being dumped back in the street naked. She was found by a kind couple who took her in and called police. Her attacker was believed to be a neighbour, who later hung himself, thereby saving us all the cost of a trial.

The second child, a three year old girl was snatched from her house by three men all living in a nearby half way house, they subjected her to a terrible ordeal, it was only later, after a car chase involving several Police cars did they crash and the child was recovered, sadly the three men have yet to hang themselves so I suppose we will have to sit through a lengthy trial and listen to their sad deprived lives.

The last living terrorist from the Iranian siege back in 1980 is due to leave prison, Fowzi Badavi Nejad is hoping to cash in on a film deal about his life, I hope the home office steps in and bans him from collaborating with film makers who would pay him very well for his inside knowledge of what happened inside the embassy. Let's not forget Trevor Lock, the Police Officer who was held in the embassy and the SAS troopers who risked their lives rescuing the other hostages. Nejad should be deported back to where he came from, where I understand they want to behead him for other crimes, all those in favour say aye.

Talking of the SAS, Andy Mcnab is bringing out a line of women's underwear, so are we to expect camouflage thongs, kevlar bra's and storm trooper knickers, who bares wins I guess.

My own little trooper, Delta the kitten must have been watching too many of my STAY SAFE courses, he has perfected the art of jumping on me in bed and getting me right in the solar plexus with his paw, commonly known as the one inch punch it can wind someone with just a flick of the thumb, Delta is turning into a force to be reckoned with.

So until next month stay safe and be aware.

Jacquieline Davis

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