December 2003 - January 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

My man George W came to visit us here in England last week. I was very happy he came but very disappointed in the reception he received from a moaning minority who are still bleating about the war. Get over it, it happened and now we move on. What disgusted me most was that they marched and shouted and carried on even after the recent event in Turkey where the British Consulate was blown up and sixty people killed. That was disrespectful.

I hate men that assault women, there is only one name for them and that is bully.

I hear our editor in chief was pushed around at a recent party: Richard Briggs, the husband of Basia Briggs, behaved badly in his behaviour towards Georgina Bruni, shoving her not once but three times. I read an account of the incident in the Daily Mirror newspaper, which I understand had received a tip off from a witness.

Michael Jackson
The above mentioned has been arrested for possible offences towards a child. I am disgusted having read an account of his behaviour from one of his former bodyguards, the ex BG said in a newspaper interview that he had worked for Jackson for three years, but did not say anything about his improper behaviour towards children for fear of losing his job, which he lost anyway. I am absolutely disgusted with this Bodyguard and wish I knew his name, I know it is difficult to be impartial when you see clients shoving cocaine up their noses or drinking too much whisky but this was different, this involved a child. He should have stepped up to the plate and voiced his worries at the time, not let a child be abused for fear of losing his job.

New TV show
I have just finished filming for a new channel 4 show called Bodyguards. it has taken twelve members of the public and has put them on a Bodyguard course to see if they can cut it in the world of Personal protection. The show should go out in February, I will keep you updated.

Moody is the title of a new book by Wensley Clarkson. I went to the launch of this book a couple of weeks ago, Wensley also wrote the book on Kenneth Noye which was a best seller. Moody tells the true story of a known hit man, the book launch was hilarious, for apart from myself and half a dozen others the rest of the guests and there were a lot of them represented every villain in London, from Freddie Foreman downwards.

Respect boys respect
Talking of books if you want to buy your loved one a great book for Christmas I can recommend mine, THE CIRCUIT available from or from me directly

If you have a man in your life who loved Biggles or WW1 heroes and pilots then I recommend THE WILL TURNER FLIGHT LOGS available from

I am now running STAY SAFE courses for women. the courses, from 2 hours to 3 days, teach you to be aware of who and what is going on around you, and how to react should an incident occur, please contact me for further details.

I want you all to have a great and safe Christmas, be aware of people and packages that have been left on their own, report anything suspicious to a police officer or responsible person.

Until next year stay safe and have a great holiday.

Jacquieline Davis

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