April 2006

Hi everyone. What weather! It's about time we had some sunshine! I am afraid I am not a winter person. God knows why I have the surname Winters, it should be Summers. Lol


Did anyone see the "Song for Europe" competition? Well in my opinion Daz was miles ahead of anyone else. That is the sort of cheesy record that epitomises the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although I would say, Daz has been trying to sell that song for three years, that I know of !

Under normal circumstances, let's say in the 60's and 70's, Daz would win the contest, but not now, it is too political.

Let's face it, when do you see Turkey voting for Greece or Greece voting for Turkey !

As I have said many times before, it is time to terminate the contest as it is not a " Song Contest " anymore, it is a political contest..


Uneek aka "Young Neezy" a rapper, dancer, lyricist and actor inconspicuously packaged in the body of an all-American eleven year old. His style is distinctive and his flow so refined that he can carry his weight spittin' lyrics with Hip-Hop artists 3 times his age! His performances are so stunning he spends 30 minutes after every show signing autographs for fans of all ages.

Uneek began performing for family and friends at the tender age of 3. These gigs rapidly advanced from the centre of the living room to centre stage. Uneek has appeared; as the opening act for Twista, B5, 112, Da Brat, Trillville, Boyz 2 Men and Slick Rick. Uneek was also the 1st winner of The World Life People's Choice Awards.

Commercial credits include a lead performance for telephone service provider MTI, Gillespie Chevrolet and the Chicago based children's amusement centre House Of Kicks. Uneek has a feature film credit in MGM box office hit motion picture "Barbershop 1 and 2" with Hip-Hop pioneer and actor Ice Cube.

Uneek is currently recording his soon to be released debut album which will feature potential hit singles "Hip Hop Muzik", "Lookin' Kinda Bling" and "Everybody Bounce". The enclosed cd contains 3 mixes of "Hip Hop Muzik" which incorporates segments of the worldwide hit "Pop Muzik".

Uneek's EPK can be viewed on www.sujiro.co.uk/uneek.wmv ..


I asked David Stark to let me have details of CUESHEET in order that my readers, a lot of whom are musicians, may get the opportunity of pitching music for TV, Films, commercials etc SO here is what he sent me :

CUESHEET is the Film/TV music listings service, detailing which production companies in the UK/Eire & USA/Canada are looking for music, cues or songs for their current projects, ranging from feature films to Indie shorts, and TV series to DVD-only releases, etc, etc. The leads are sent twice a month (by email only), and our subscribers include many music publishers, composers or their agents, artist managers, studios, music libraries and music consultants etc.

Cuesheet is also the sister publication to 'SongLink International', which has been the world market leader in providing song leads for upcoming projects by recording artists & labels worldwide for the past 12 years, with a big success rate.

David Stark, Editor/Publisher,
Cuesheet Music Report
Tel: +44 (0)20 7794 2540
Fax: +20 (0)20 7794 7393
e-mail: cuesheet@songlink.com


I thought I would include this short piece as it was sent to me and I was touched by it.

We all worry about the extra line or bags under our eyes, but what these kids have to suffered is beyond belief.

"Voices Of Tomorrow" is a Short film about the recording of the charity single in aid of Progeria research. This is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children. For more information see http://www.myspace.com/song4progeria and http://www.hayleyspage.com

VERNON REID & MASQUE "Other True Self"

Favored Nations (cat no: FN2550-2)

The incomparable Vernon Reid, renowned for his work with Living Colour, releases his new solo album Other True Self on the Favored Nations label on May 5th 2006.

Other True Self is a sonic kaleidoscope, a tumble of colours and a whirl of astonishing visions. As far as Vernon Reid is concerned, it's just one step forward on a possibly endless — and endlessly rewarding — mission.

On Other True Self Reid exposes a vivid personal landscape. Each track illuminates one or another side of Vernon Reid: his African lineage in "Prof. Bebey," the Latin flavour of the melodies he casts over Hank Schroy's bass pulse and Don McKenzie's crisp reggae rhythm bed in "Flatbush and Church Revisited," the exhilaration of his unison sprint with keyboardist Leon Gruenbaum on "Game is Rigged," and the swirling Middle Eastern energies in "Mind of My Mind."

Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" and Radiohead's "National Anthem" are covered as well on Other True Self.

Cumulatively, the tracks on this album open a deeper dimension in Reid's sound. Everything he's undergone, from his infancy in London to his upbringing in Brooklyn, from the controversy and adulation unleashed by Living Colour to the birth of his daughter Idea two years ago, feeds into Other True Self.

The full track listing is as follows: Game Is Rigged, National Anthem, Flatbush and Church Revisited, Afrerika, Enjoy The Silence, Oxossi, G, Wildlife, Overcoming, Kizzy, Mind Of My Mind, Prof. Bebey.


Favored Nations (cat no: FN2560-2)

Andy Timmons, versatile guitarist and songwriter, releases his new solo album Resolution on the Favored Nations label on May 5th 2006.

A former member of million-selling eighties pop-metal act, Danger Danger, Timmons has garnered accolades across the global guitar community for his remarkable six-string skills. He has toured and recorded with such diverse artists as drumming legend Simon Phillips, Olivia Newton-John (as guitarist and music director) and Lee Ann Rimes, and has appeared on stage with such guitar greats as KISS' Ace Frehley, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse and Ted Nugent as well as pop royalty The Beach Boys and Lesley Gore. This diverse range of work has helped him develop his instrumental prowess and establish his own distinctive musical personality.

Resolution is the follow-up to 'That Was Then, This is Now', also on Favored Nations. The new CD is an impressive monument of extraordinary guitar-texture: aggressive, inspired, blissful, and simply irresistible. Bolstered by Timmons' blazing virtuosity and immaculate song craft, the record is an imaginative marriage of studied dynamics, smouldering grooves and hard-hitting musicality.

Resolution features 10 songs in all, including "Deliver Us" and "Helipad", which unleash an assault of explosive guitar riffs that solidify Timmons' position within the axe-swinging elite. What shines through on each of the tracks is the confident sound of an artist given the freedom to explore his muse with no restrictions. That's the genius behind the Andy Timmons Band - you never know where they're going or where they'll wind up, but it's sure to be one hell of a ride!

The full track listing is as follows: Deliver Us, Helipad, Ghost of You, Resolution, Redemption, Lydia, Gone (9/11/01), Move On, Beware Dark Days, The Prayer/The Answer (Hidden Track), Headed For The Ditch.

Well that's the lot this month keep the e-mail's coming in markwinters@btopenworld.com

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Songlink is for Songwriters who need to place their songs www.songlink.com

If you are a performer and you want to showcase to the industry then this is for you www.kashmirklub.com

Also don't forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered www.asongforsarah.co.uk

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