April 2004
  Crime, Safety & Protection

Happy Easter to all my readers I hope you all have a good one.

This month I attended two great lectures put on by Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in rural Oxfordshire.  The first lecture was given by Dr Caroline Wilkinson from the University of Manchester; her department reconstructs faces from skeletal remains. This service is used by both the Police service and archaeologists who wish to know the facial features of "Bogbodies" that are dug up on digs.

I was impressed by the number of children that also attended the lecture and the hospitality put on by RAL.  Dr Wilkinson went on to tell us how she measures facial depth and the length of noses.  She has had a seventy five per cent success rate with skulls which have been given to her by various police services which had found bodies long after they had been decomposed: the police too are eager to discover the identity of the bodies.

The second lecture was put on again at RAL facilities, but this time it was about forensic science. I am sure most os us have watched the TV series CSI - well these people were real crime scene investigators, but for a private company, which I discovered several police forces now use as the forensic science service is so over worked.  I was a little horrified to learn that the said service is about to become a private company as well; not sure if this may leave them open to some form of corruption.

Who was not horrified at the scenes in Spain of the Al-queda bombings on packed commuter trains?  I have being saying since 9/11 that it is only a matter of when - not if - before we in Europe become a strong target for these mad mullahs and their bombs. In the UK we must be extra vigilant on all forms of public transport. Forget about being a shy reserved Brit! Ask who's bag it is if you see one unattended, whether on a bus, train or on a platform.  If no one comes forward then report it immediately to a member of staff or the Police.

I have just started a new line in miniature rape alarms and mobile door alarms for women who travel. The rape alarms are small enough to fit on a key chain and also incorporates a small torch.  The mobile door alarm of which I have sold hundreds to students attending university hang on your bedroom door and shriek if someone tries to open it, both are great prevention tools, if you want any further information on either of these products please email me.

Until next month stay safe

Jacquieline Davis

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