April 2004

Hi everyone, I have just been to America and Canada: I was looking forward to beautiful sunshine, which when I arrived, I was not to be disappointed, with a beautiful warm spring day in New York. However that was not to last!

The very next day it snowed - not just snow - but blizzards! You could not even walk out of the hotel without being frozen to death; the wind chill factor was horrendous!

However it was certainly interesting, even going through the customs. I thought I was going to get strip searched, especially when they asked me to take my belt off and shoes. I thought here we go! Thank God that was all they made me take off, as it would have been rather embarrassing standing there in my underwear.

Anyway, it certainly was interesting to see how European pop-dance is taking off in America, which if readers remember, I said would happen 12 months ago! You tell the record companies that here! I actually spoke to BMG a month ago and they told me pop/dance was finished. Now you can see why the majors are loosing money.

To prove my point, ANGEL CITY, featuring the fantastic Lara McAllen is No1 in the Dance Radio Airplay chart and has gone into the Billboard 100 at No 95.

There are no other British acts in the Top 100!  Every Radio station keeps saying this is a Top 10 record. Well Lara is happy just getting into the Billboard 100 as it is an achievement in it’s self!

Was Lara seen in LA with a famous soap star or was it someone else?

Just for the guys here is a picture of Lara :-)

Lara McAllen

I was interested to hear that Bryan McFadden had left Westlife to spend more time with his family. If that is the case, why has he just signed as a solo artiste to another management company, leaving Louis Walsh, his Manager for the last 7 years?

Apologies to Suzanna for calling her Susan! Well it certainly hasn’t done her any harm as she is riding high in loads of the Charts!  Let’s hope her song goes straight into the Top 10 of the main Charts when it is released, as she deserves it.

Did you hear about the GRAMMY winner who wasn’t even in the studio at the time?
It will make interesting reading when this story comes out fully!

I see the guys from Blue took part in the game of Slap 'em or Snog 'em with BBC's 'Top of the Pops'. The ladies lined up for the boys were; Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton, Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Britney Spears, Liberty X star Michelle Heaton, former S Club singer Rachel Stevens, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, and Jennifer Lopez.
They then showed the group photos of several pop beauties and were asked to give their responses. Well you can read the boys’ responses on the Top of the Pops website!

Here’s a titbit for all the fans that read my column. The guys from Phixx took part in an online chat with readers of The Sun and one reader asked about reports that Mikey was going to receive a proposal from his Girls Aloud lover Sarah Harding. "I hadn't seen her for ages so I took her out for dinner at The Ivy and we were talking about the fact that it was the one day that women could propose to guys," Mikey said.  "Someone must have overheard us talking and assumed, but no, she didn't propose. At the end of the day we're having a great time, and anyway I haven't got time to get married!"

I agree with him, can you imagine how many of his fans would be devastated if he got married!

At the release party for JC Chasez's debut solo effort, 'Schizophrenic', People magazine had a chat with NSYNC stars Joey Fatone and Lance Bass. Both were confident a reunion of NSYNC would happen. "I'm sure we will," Fatone remarked at New York hotspot Marquee. "It's odd to say, you may not believe it, but yeah, we are. Everybody's doing their own thing right now JC has his CD, (Justin Timberlake is) shooting a movie but we do want to get together." Lance said, "We're waiting for Justin to finish his movie and then we'll get back to the studio. We'll have a new album by 2005 at least, that's my opinion."

With the Success of Justin, I am certain that if they do, do a reunion album, then it will be bigger than first time around!

You meet people in the funniest of places! I was getting a new tyre on my car the other day, when this guy, a black cab driver, just started talking to me about music. He I used to manage Rod Stewart, with that he went to his cab and pulled out pictures of rod in his first band. He then went on to tell me some fascinating stories, which I can’t reveal on here, as I might get sued! But suffice to say Rod was a ladies man even 40 years ago!!

I see Janet’s breast popping out hasn’t done her career any harm, judging by her new single, “I Want You" entry into the Billboard 100 at No 74

I suppose it should have been called “I Want You …….. back in my Bra.”  Lol

Well that’s the lot this month, sorry it’s so short, keep the e-mails coming in markwinters@btopenworld.com

And don’t for get to check out the following sites:

For the budding artiste and songwriter

Also don’t forget the song for little Sarah, who was so brutally murdered www.asongforsarah.co.uk

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